Supreme Soumak kilim rugs fabrications

Supreme Soumak kilim rugs fabrications . Soumak or Soumac kilim rugs are a kind of decorative textiles , mostly use in interior decors . These rugs manufacture and export by Iran . Kilims including Soumaks are flat weaves somewhat stronger and thicker than normal kilims .

Additionally , Iran ranks number one in the production and export of rugs and carpets . Undoubtedly , rugs including Soumak produce by Iran and various regions are unbeatable . However , many countries are producing fakes . Although there is no contradiction with anything but the true and pure essence is present in the rugs produce by their home country .

Regions producing Soumak kilims

Furthermore , Soumak kilims are an exquisite antique type of textiles , mostly produce by :

  • Sirjan
  • Kerman
  • Ardebail
  • Khorasan
  • Fars
  • Khozestan

It is believed that the name Soumak derive from the old town of Azerbaijan , which was once the trading center in the Eastern Caucasus . However other theories are also present in this regard .

Supreme Soumak kilim rugs

Traits of supreme Soumak kilim rugs

Kilim like Soumak rugs are originally handwoven . Weavers produce these manually with man power in tribal areas and villages . Moreover , Soumaks unlike normal kilims have smooth front face and a ragged back while kilims have both smooth front and back .

Furthermore , the fabrication of Soumak kilims involves wrapping colored weft threads over and under the warp threads , adding strength and embroidery like pattern . The wool use in the creation of these rugs is mostly thick . Wool in these rugs cannot be seen as it just connects the threads . Moreover , extra wool in the production of these rugs , is taken at the back of Soumaks and set free .

Additionally , the creation of these kilims is a bit complicated as these rugs are durable and thicker than others . It totally depends on weaver to create variations in these rugs . By the change in the direction of wrapping or when weaver outlines her design in diagonal directions . These rugs commonly present in rusty brown colors and feature geometric motifs .

Supreme Soumak kilim rugs

Beauty of Soumak kilims

Kilims like Soumaks carry great historical importance . These rugs are known as historical heritage in Iran . Moreover , the beauty of these rugs like other kilims is in :

  • Designs
  • Motifs
  • Way of fabrication
  • Density of knots

Additionally , a skilled weaver of these rugs mostly focus on the density of knots . The density of knots is linked with the elaborateness of the manifold designs of these rugs . The beauty of every textile especially rugs and carpets depends on the weavers .

Supreme Soumak kilim rugs


Finest Persian Soumak kilim rugs exports

Finest Persian Soumak kilim rugs exports . One of the most famous kind of kilims is Soumak . Soumak is a name of weaving technique . This technique of weaving is famous and many products are produced by this way of weaving including rugs .

Furthermore , rugs like Soumak kilims are overwhelmed by the different unique traditional manifestations . These rugs give an exquisite supreme look to any place due to the elaborateness of their manifold designs . Moreover , mainly Soumak textiles are the product tribal areas . These rugs are show the life style of tribal people .

Regions , cities producing Soumak kilim rugs

Following are the areas that produce these rugs and other Soumak products  :

  • Caucasus especially the Shirvan region
  • Southern and Western Persia
  • Luristan
  • Turkish Anatolia

Additionally , these rugs vary in designs and colors from region to region . Every area has specific tradition that is clearly seen in Soumak kilims . These textiles are the reason behind the importance of the regions . These regions get fame in the trade as well as in the world because of the Eastern culture , represent by these rugs .

Finest Persian Soumak kilim rugs

Traits of finest Persian Soumak kilim rugs

Iran is the world’s highest exporter and manufacturer of rugs and carpets including Persian Soumak kilim rugs . The materials that constitute these rugs are :

  • Wool
  • Cotton
  • Nylon
  • Silk and others

Moreover , these rugs are smooth from both sides . The weaving technique of Soumak kilims is different as well . The Soumak technique involves colored weft threads over and under the warp threads , adding strength and embroidery-like pattern .

Furthermore , the wefts are wrapped over a certain number of warp before drawing them back under the last two warps . The wrapping of these strands often covers the whole surface . Weavers of these rugs use their professional weaving skills , that give Soumak kilims a unique look . If weavers lack these skills , the rugs cannot attain the place in the market , they have today , worldwide .

Finest Persian Soumak kilim rugs

Beauty Soumak kilims

Rugs like Soumak kilims carry tribal traditional look . Various kind of motifs such as :

  • Eye
  • Cross
  • Hook
  • Central diamond-shaped

Moreover , these kilims are known as historical heritage . The color combinations of Soumak rugs are unique . These rugs represents weavers thoughts and tribal symbols . Furthermore , the beauty of these textiles is in the hands of weavers . The more a weaver has professional skills , the more great Soumak kilims will be manufactured .

Additionally , the weavers especially in the tribal ares represent their thoughts and feelings in these textiles . This is the main reason of their attraction , which attracts people worldwide especially the Western people .

Finest Persian Soumak kilim rugs





Best Persian Soumak kilim rugs 

Best Persian Soumak kilim rugs . Soumak kilims are a very unique and antique kind of kilims . These rugs are traditional textiles . Kilims like Soumak rugs hold traces and manifestations of tribal nomadic life . The producers and exporters of these rugs are mostly in Asia .

Furthermore , Soumak rugs are very traditional rugs , as they represents various traditions , which vary from region to region . It would not be useless to say here that these kilims carry diversity . Moreover , people all around the world attract by Soumak kilims . The supreme unique traditional look of these , is present in many households especially the Western ones . It has seen in the West people use these rugs for various purposes such as floor-covering and interior decors .

Details of best Persian Soumak kilim rugs

Soumak is actually a name of weaving technique . This technique is somehow different to the normal weaving of kilims . Moreover , people with this technique various Soumak products and textiles such as bags . These textiles belong to the following areas :

  • Caucasus
  • Shirvan region
  • Southern Persia
  • Western Persia
  • Luristan
  • Turkish Anatolia

All of these regions manufacture Soumak textiles on their specific traditions and cultures . This is reason of diversity that has seen in Soumaks .

Best Persian Soumak kilim

Traits of Soumak kilim rugs

A very rare and unparalleled kind of kilims are Soumak kilims . These rugs are the most important element of representing the Eastern culture especially in the West . Moreover , kilims like Soumak rugs , manufacture in a unique way , which shows the professional skills of weavers .

Generally , Soumak technique requires Loom like other kilims production . The variations are present in the technique of weaving , that is in the warp and weft strands formation . Further , it has seen that the weft (usually 4 ) are wrapped up around warp strands . Later on , these are taken and tied up with the 2 more warps at the end .

Furthermore , Soumak kilims are mainly of wool . However other materials like cotton and silk ,are also use in their production . Why wool is the commonly used material ? due to the following characteristics , it carries :

  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Responsive to dye
  • Most available material

Moreover , Soumak kilims especially Persian Soumaks are greatly in progress in today’s market . These rugs are normally greatly exported to various countries all around the world . Additionally Iran’s Capital , Tehran , is the world’s highest producer and exporter of rugs and carpets .

Best Persian Soumak kilim

Beauty of Persian Soumak kilims

These Kilims hold various unique designs , that are the main element of beauty of these rugs For example :

  • Herati
  • Shah Abbsi
  • Gol Henna and many others .

The designs commonly show the thinking and feeling of weaver . It also shows that weaver belong to which tribe and what are the tribal manifestations and symbols .

Best Persian Soumak kilim