Best Shirikipich , Shahsavan , Qashqai kilim rugs exports

Best Shirikipich , Shahsavan , Qashqai kilim rugs exports . Textiles are widely spread including Shirikipich , Shahsavan , Qashqai kilim rugs . All of these rugs are mostly manufactured by Iran on a wide scale . Iran’s non-oil export includes rugs and carpets , is leading in today’s worlds .

Furthermore , Best Shirikipich , Shahsavan , Qashqai kilim rugs produce in Sirjan , Kerman and Shiraz . These kilims produce in tribal areas and villages  and are famous because of their own specific look . Kilims like these three are formerly handwoven . These days as the demand of these rugs has increased , the rugs are greatly manufactured industrially .

Importance of the textiles

Moreover , these rugs especially Qashqai carry great importance . Qashqai kilims produce by a group of people from different countries and races . Shirikipich , Shahsavan kilims are also a very important component in the Eastern culture . Furthermore , unquestionably these rugs are introducing Eastern world , worldwide .

The importance of every rug , lies in the design and the quality . These two elements goes back to the skills of weavers .

Delineation of best Shirikipich , Shahsavan , Qashqai kilim rugs

Generally kilims are historical heritage , as they are rich with traditional and cultural values. All of the above mentioned types of kilims , have different way of production .

  • Shirikipich kilims : This type of kilims constitutes of wool but unlike other kilim rugs , wool is inside of it . Wool just link the warps and wefts of kilims . These kilim rugs are present in Red , Blue , Yellow , Orange , Green , Brown , Black .
  • Shahsavan kilims : Kilims like Shahsavan are handwoven . Mostly weavers  give various traditional designs.
  • Qashqai kilims : Shiraz wool , one of the best wool in the world .  This wool use in the production of these rugs . This wool is beautiful and takes a deeper color than wool from other parts of Iran . These kilims refer to Shiraz because Shiraz was the first marketplace of them . The kilims known as Qashqai are famous among all the Persian tribal weavings .

Moreover , all of these rugs are the main element of importance of the producing regions .

Best Shirikipich , Shahsavan , Qashqai kilim rugs

Beauty of the kilims

Kilims like Shirikipich , Shahsavan , Qashqai , carry great traditional value . These kilims have specific colours and designs , that just distinguish them from other kilims . Beauty of the kilims lies in colors, designs , way of manufacture .

Furthermore , the beauty of these kilims lies in the profssional skills of weavers . Mostly the weavers of tribal areas are very skillful people . They confine the beauty of these rugs into the uniqueness and elaborateness of designs and colors .

Best Shirikipich , Shahsavan , Qashqai kilim rugs



Quality finest Shahsavan kilim rugs trades

Quality finest Shahsavan kilim rugs trades . One of the exquisite kind of textiles , greatly present in today’s market are , Shahsavan kilim rugs . These rugs are mainly manufacture by the North-Eastern region of Persia or Iran.

Furthermore , rugs like Shahsavan kilims produce by the Shahsavan people . These rugs represent manifestations of tribal nomadic life . This is why Shahsavan kilim rugs are famous as a historical heritage . The look of these rugs that is overwhelming by the various cultures and traditions , give a unique visual impression to any place .

Additionally , it has seen , these rugs are very well-known worldwide . People especially in the Western world , use these textiles . It is possible , that Westerners would not know the name of these rugs but they are immensely attracted by the Eastern culture .

Appearance of quality finest Shahsavan kilim rugs

Kilims like Shahsavan rugs are very traditional rugs . Textiles like these kilims are extravagantly near to the traditions of the regions they are manufactured by . Moreover , Shahsavan kilims carry geometric patterns . Shahsavan weaving is highly geometric and replete with n array of vibrant natural dyes .

Furthermore , In Shahsavan kilim rugs often , rectilinear medallions are aligned horizontally or vertically across the field , with smaller improvised motifs adorning the background .

Additionally , the dominant motifs present in Shahsavan kilims are :

  • Dragon (S shape)
  • Diamonds
  • Stars
  • Crab like
  • Cross motifs and many others .

It has seen that the designs , patterns and motifs of these rugs base on the tribal symbols .

Quality finest Shahsavan kilim rugs

Elegance of Shahsavan kilims

Kilims like Shahsavan rugs produce by the immensely traditional people . Shahsavan weavers are known as the traditional and cultural people . The elegance of these rugs lies in the fact that the traces of tribal nomadic life , is present in them .

Moreover , some common types of Shahsavan kilims rugs are as following :

  • Mughan Shahsavan
  • Hashtrood Shahsavan
  • Bichar Shahsavan

These types of Shahsavan vary from each other because of the way of production and designs .

Quality finest Shahsavan kilim rugs

Importance of Shahsavan textiles

Shahsavan textiles are very diverse . These products vary on the bases of colors , shapes , designs , materials . Furthermore , these textiles are handwoven and handmade , present for different purposes . The most famous Shahsavan textiles are Salt bags . These textiles show traditional signs of the tribes manufacture them .

Additionally , the historical traditional authenticity of Shahsavan kiim rugs , have increased the intercontinental trade . People greatly import these rugs which indirectly increase the rate of export on the other hand . However , this lead to the industrial production of these rugs , that is not like the tribal traditional production .

Quality finest Shahsavan kilim rugs