Best supreme kilim patchwork rugs exports

Best supreme kilim patchwork rugs exports . Patchwork kilims are a well known kind of textiles . These rugs do not belong to any specific country . Patchwork kilims have been found throughout the history . Kilims of this kind are exquisite antique and carry great importance in today’s market .

Generally kilims manufacture by Iran , Azerbaijan , Turkey and other countries of Central Asia . Kilims belong to the Eastern world . However , these days , due to the high rate of demand of kilims , manufacturers produce them industrially . When it comes to Patchwork kilims , they are manufactured by so many countries .

Importance of Patchwork kilims

Additionally , Patchwork kilim rugs production needs strong skills . These kilims create by sewing old pieces of rugs , small pieces of rugs or carpets . The beautiful look of these rugs , caring traces of various kind of carpets or rugs , antique or new , just grabs anyone’s attention .

Moreover , we look into the history we see that the roots of these rugs or commonly patchworks , go back to the early Middle Ages . People use to create patchwork quilts , for protection . Later on , this creativity found it’s place in the market . Furthermore , people begin to manufacture different textiles such as bags , wall–hanging and for interior decors and patchwork rugs are one of them.

Best supreme kilim patchwork rugs

Traits of best supreme kilim patchwork rugs

Kilims like patchwork ones are traditionally very unique . Mostly these rugs are present in :

  • Blocks : These piece squares made up of colored shapes that repeat specific shapes to create patterns within the square or block of dark or light or contrasting colors .
  • Overall : Patchwork kilims are incrementally piece geometric shapes stitched together to form a larger random or composed designs .
  • Strip piecing : Kilims of this kind carry various pieces of fabrics in repeat patterns into a long strip and stitching the strips together lengthwise .

Moreover , these traditional rugs have identifying names on the bases of the arrangement of colors and shapes .

Best supreme kilim patchwork rugs

Beauty of patchwork kilims

Rugs like Patchwork kilims ,  are a textile hold an immense unique elegant look . This look grants the traditional value of these rugs . When old pieces of carpets of rugs join together to form a new rug , a contemporary unique patchwork kilims born .

Moreover , these rugs due to their great traditional importance and look , import by the countries worldwide . This lead to high rate of export from the home producing countries . Without any doubt , the beauty of every rugs is with the manufacturer and creator of that rug .

Best supreme kilim patchwork rugs



Supreme best quality kilim patchwork rugs exports

Supreme best quality kilim patchwork rugs exports . Patchwork or “pieced work” is a technique of sewing pieces of fabrics together to form a large design . The textiles that are flat weave and form by the patches of antique and contemporary rugs and carpets are famous as Kilim Patchwork rugs .

Furthermore , Patchwork kilims or rugs are unique and traditional . These rugs grant an exquisite view to any place especially households . Without any doubt , Patchwork is a great technique present in today’s market , which attracts millions of people .

History of Patchwork rugs

Patchwork textiles have no specific home producing country . However , the earliest examples have been located in Egyptian tombs and also in early age of China about 5000 years ago . Further , finds have been dated from the early Middle Ages .

Moreover , these textiles include :

  • Bags
  • Clothing
  • Quilts
  • Jackets
  • Shoes and many others .

It has seen that the countries that export and manufacture , patchwork textiles , carry their own unique and specific traditional manifestations . Additionally , if we look in the past , weavers mostly weave these textiles for their daily life and daily use . People of tribal areas used to manufacture quilts especially to protect themselves from the weather changes . Moreover , later on this lead to the floor-covering .

Supreme best quality kilim patchwork rugs

Attributes of supreme best quality kilim patchwork rugs

Rugs like Patchwork kilims , are purely a tribal and village product . People in these areas had woven these textiles from the old antique pieces of various fabrics . Moreover , as the time passed , these rugs have found their place in the market . Weaver then started producing these textiles on a large scale to earn their living .

Additionally , Patchwork rugs , are made up of old and modern pieces of rugs and carpets . Formerly , these rugs were made in the tribal areas . Nevertheless , these rugs , in today’s market, produce in industries .

Moreover , supreme best quality kilim patchwork rugs , are mostly a combination of various materials such as :

  • Wool
  • Cotton
  • Silk
  • Nylon

Among all these materials , wool is widely in use . The pieces of rugs and carpets that are sewed up together are of wool .

Supreme best quality kilim patchwork rugs

Beauty of Patchwork kilims

Kilims like patchwork ones are very traditional and carry traces of nomadic life . The weaving of these rugs requires professional skills . Only a right and skilled weaver know , how to combine pieces of different rugs , to make a beautiful large , modern rug . Moreover , Patchwork kilims give a contemporary and antique look . This adds colors to the beauty of these kilims .

Supreme best quality kilim patchwork rugs