Modern finest kilim rugs trade

Modern finest kilim rugs trade . Kilim rugs belong to tribal nomadic life . Formerly and presently kilims that are made in tribal areas , hold traditional antique designs . Iran is the major producer and exporter of these rugs but Turkey and Azerbaijan are also manufacturer of these rugs .

Furthermore , if we see kilims in these day that is contemporary kilims , we would come to know that these rugs have gone through changes . Kilims like other textiles advanced with the pace of the world . Moreover , now a days , producers manufacture kilims that suit the market standards .

Prominence of Kilim rugs

Additionally , in the recent years , production of kilim rugs is done mainly in industries . However , these kilims carry the importance of a historical heritage but the look and supreme uniqueness of antique kilims produce by tribal people , is unbeatable . Moreover kilims manufacture in tribal areas and by tribal people are so worthy . The reasons behind this are :

  • Manual production of kilims
  • Weavers spend days and nights in weaving
  • Production a hand operated device
  • Professionally skilled people without any institute and school
  • Unique tribal designs

Furthermore , kilims are immensely in progress that is the rate of import and export has increased greatly .

Modern finest kilim rugs

Beauty of modern finest kilim rugs

Kilims are woven textiles . If we look in today’s market , it tells us that how diverse kilims are ? Rugs like kilims carry immense diversity . These rugs are present in various :

  • Colors
  • Designs
  • Motifs
  • Sizes
  • Shapes

Moreover , mostly kilims are manufacture with natural wool without any dyeing process because wool naturally is present in gray , white , black , fawn colors . These days manufacturers dye wool commonly in blue , red , green , brown colors .

Furthermore , the most common designs of kilims are :

  • Herati
  • Shah Abbasi
  • Gol Henna
  • Bid Majnun and many others . These designs vary from region to region .

Additionally , motifs of kilims are mainly based on the tribal symbols with a hidden meaning such as :

  • Eye
  • Wolf’s face
  • Flowing water
  • Star and many others .

Sizes of modern finest kilim rugs are large , medium and small . Mostly the use of kilims determines the size of kilims ,For example for floor-coverings mostly large kilims are used . Moreover , shapes of kilims are various . Commonly kilim are present in rectangular shape .

Modern finest kilim rugs

Elegance of kilims

Traditional textiles like kilim rugs are exquisite and unique . The quality of these rugs depends on the designs and production . Mostly the density of knots , tells how much a kilim is good ? Moroever , the elaborateness and expressiveness of traditional designs require dense knots .

Modern finest kilim rugs







Persian exquisite designed kilim rugs exports

Persian exquisite designed kilim rugs exports . Kilims rugs are very important and remarkable part of the Culture of East . One it comes to Persian kilims , these textiles become outstanding and leading one , in the world . The producer and exporter of these rugs is Iran (traditionally known as Persia) .

Additionally , Iran’s regions mostly where tribal people live , has attained a great importance worldwide . Persian exquisite designed kilim rugs , are making progress day by day in the trade and market both domestic as well as international .

Elegance of Persian rugs

Rugs like Persian rugs , are prominent and noticeable among all kinds of rugs . Moreover , every country produce rugs and carpets plus other textiles , on the basis of their own traditional and cultural norms and values .

Furthermore , Persian exquisite designed kilim rugs are from the artistic unbeatable creativity , which dates back to 25000 years . This shows the worth and significant of these rugs . Moreover , elegance of these rugs is in the fact mentioned above . People love to buy such antique products . We see the elegant look of such textiles in various households including the Western ones .

Persian exquisite designed kilim rugs

Details about Persian exquisite designed kilim rugs

Textiles like Persian rugs are extraordinary in public eye , across the globe . Moreover , the kilim rugs are flat weaving. These rugs are smooth from both sides unlike other Persian rugs . This characteristic adds so much beauty and uniqueness into these rugs .

Additionally , Persian rugs including kilims , have been through a very brief historical background . These days , if wee the designs and look of these textiles , we would see manifestations of revolution in them . Moreover , the new designs unlike the old ones , first develop by the miniature painters . This marks that how Islamic rugs were born .

Furthermore , the production of Persian kilim rugs especially in the tribal areas , is very time taking . Weavers mostly spend days and nights for months in the fabrication of these textiles . Moreover , kilims weavers of tribal areas are skilled . They show their professional artistic skills in the form diverse designs .

Persian exquisite designed kilim rugs

Importance of Persian kilim rugs

If anybody wants to look for cultural and traditional value and significance of Iran’s Culture , Persian kilim rugs , is the best possibility . Moreover , importance of these rugs lies in :

  • Way of production
  • Density of knots
  • Designs and motifs

Furthermore , density of knots is very important because it determines the price of a rugs . This is why a weaver should way more attention towards this fact .

Persian exquisite designed kilim rugs