Quality kilim rugs export china

Quality kilim rugs export china . Kilim rugs are immensely famous because of their historical and traditional look and this leads to the high their high rate of export . Formerly and presently kilims are produced in Iran , Azerbaijan , Turkey and other countries of Central Asia .

Furthermore , kilims extravagantly overwhelmed by the antique cultural values . To grant a beautiful look to home or any place , kilims could be the best choice anyone can make . Quality kilim rugs are the need of people these days .

Importance of kilim rugs

The more quality is present , the more customers will come and manufacture plus trade will at the end enormously increase . The rugs are the very important component and element of the Eastern culture . Moreover , these rugs introduce culture in their own unique beautiful way , that is the look of kilims .

Furthermore , the importance of kilims grants the importance and value of the regions , they manufacture by . People know the regions because of these rugs .

Production of quality kilim rugs

Kilims (gelim in Persian) , is manufactured in a specific way , the weaving technique . The wefts can be of wool or cotton and the warps should be of wool . Wefts and warps in the manufacture of kilim carry great importance . The more they are woven tightly and neatly , the more kilim will look beautiful and unique . Weavers use different colors of threads mostly red , brown , blue , white , in the weaving of kilims . In the production of kilims , wool is really important . The breed of sheep , climate , the way of shearing it , all carries great importance . In the villages people manufacture kilim rugs manually . Men usually shear wool while women change it into yarn with spinning wheel . Women show great interest in the manufacture of kilims . As they create new different designs according to the tribal life .

The above mentioned production of kilim rugs is different from the industrial production in workshop or factories .

Quality kilim rugs

Kilims throughout the world

Kilims are very famous worldwide especially in the Western world . People use kilims in decorative purposes in the Western households . Ages old kilims are present in different museums of the world . Therefore people always try to buy kilims as they are antique and very close to the traditional and nomadic life .

China manufacture kilims too these days . Export of kilim n China is immense because China is historically and traditionally strong . Therefore people of china  always welcome anything that is antique , cultural and a sign of historical heritage .

Quality kilim rugs



Best large Persian traditional kilim rugs exports

Best large Persian traditional kilim rugs exports . Persian traditional kilim rugs are the major part of Iran’s trade (export) . Turkey , Azerbaijan and some other countries of Central Asia , produce and export kilim rugs . Moreover , Iran is the leading country among these countries .

Furthermore , Persian kilim rugs are famous across the globe , as they grant a cultural historical view . One of the causes why people are in love with kilim rugs  ? This is due to the attributes possess by these rugs and Persian kilim rugs are the main part of it !

Geographical importance

Cities , towns and regional areas that manufacture best large Persian traditional kilim rugs are :

  • Isfahan
  • Kerman
  • Nain
  • Mashhad
  • Qom
  • Tabriz and others

Moreover , these cities widely manufacture Persian kilim rugs . These kilim rugs are mostly handwoven and handmade or you can say hand knotted . People living in these cities produce the kilims by themselves . Especially the weavers who are from villages and tribal areas manufacture these rugs . These kilims are unique and antique with  beautiful look. No country in the world challenge the rugs and carpets produce in Iran . Iran’s capital exports world’s highest amount of Persian traditional carpets and rugs !

Characteristics of best large Persian traditional kilim rugs

Iran produces and exports rugs especially kilim rugs in great amount . These rugs both quality and quantity wise , are superb ! However , these days other countries are manufacturing fake Persian traditional kilims , as these rugs are in progress in trade.

Persian traditional kilim rugs are diverse from different aspects and they carry various characteristics as well :

  • Sizes of kilim rugs and best large Persian traditional kilim rugs are under this .
  • Colors of kilim rugs
  • Designs of these rugs
  • Quality , as these days manufacturers produce kilim rugs industrially mostly .
  • Motifs that show different meanings and purposes according to the tribes .

Best large Persian traditional kilim rugs

Production Of Persian traditional kilim rugs

Persian kilim rugs are originally the product of villages and tribes . Weavers spend days and nights to manufacture kilims . Moreover , these kilims are really worthy enough to be a part of intercontinental trade ! Weavers fabricate kilim rugs of different sizes , considering the purposes of production . For example best large Persian traditional kilim rugs are mostly used in floor-coverings .

Persian traditional kilim rugs are purely of wool . Moreover , the elaborateness of the manifold designs of these kilims are matchless and unique all over the world ! Therefore the export and import of these rugs is immensely high.

Best large Persian traditional kilim rugs