100% quality handmade Persian kilim rugs manufacturers

100% quality handmade Persian kilim rugs manufacturers . Kilim rugs are a beautiful antique form of rugs . Among the former producing and export of kilims , Azerbaijan , Turkey , Iran , in which Iran is the leading country in the export of Persian kilim rugs .

Furthermore , Persian kilim rugs are greatly in use these days , not only in Asia but across the world . Iran manufactures kilim rugs . Moreover , exports Persian kilim rugs vastly with the elaborateness of manifold designs .

Additionally , the capital of Iran “Tehran” is the world’s highest manufacturer and exporter ! Therefore , the rugs and carpets of Iran are different in many aspects :

  • The explicit designs
  • Traditional designs
  • Way of production
  • Handmade , Hand woven , Hand knotted
  • Diversity present in designs , sizes , shapes
  • Various kind of motifs that are tribes symbols also
100% quality handmade Persian kilim rugs

100% quality handmade Persian kilim rugs

Cities manufacturing 100% quality handmade Persian kilim rugs

Towns and the regional areas producing handmade Persian kilim rugs are as following :

  • Isfahan
  • Kerman
  • Nain
  • Mashhad
  • Qom
  • Yazd
  • Kashan

Furthermore , 100% quality handmade Persian kilim rugs produce by these cities are traditional valuable . These rugs carry specific weaving techniques . Moreover , use of high-quality materials , colors and patterns .

Attributes of Persian kilim rugs

Handmade Persian kilim rugs that area produce in villages and tribal areas distinguish by their :

  • Fine wool
  • Bright and elaborate colours
  • Specific traditional patterns
  • Unique designs

Furthermore , handwoven Persian kilim rugs regard as objects of high artistic and utilitarian value . The prestige they carry from the first time they were mentioned by ancient Greek writers , until today .

Additionally , the beuaty and elegance of all the rugs and carpets is in the hands of the producers or weavers . Weavers of tribal areas are mostly very skilled . These people have professional skills without going to any institute or school of training . Moreover , the weavers interpret , the surrounding nature in these rugs .

100% quality handmade Persian kilim rugs

Composition design elements

Moreover , mostly some kind of leaf known as Boteh . This is very common designs of kilim rugs . The designs of kilim rugs includes Herati , Mina Khani , Shah Abbasi , Bid Majnun , Harshang , Gol Henai .

Furthermore , some designs of Persian kilim rugs carry trees , birds , plants , flowers , life . Additionally , weavers write Quran verses also while manufacturing rugs and carpets .

Without any doubt weavers play  a main role in the popularity of these rugs . If  weavers lack professional skills , these rugs are useless in the market . We see that the tribal weavers are very important element in the creaton of these rugs .



Quality handmade new kilim rugs exports

Quality handmade new kilim rugs exports . Kilims are a nomadic tribal lives product , that are in full swing from the past couple of years . Principal country that is “ Iran” produces and exports kilim rugs on a very high scale but other countries like Turkey , Azerbaijan , are also in the race and former countries .

All across the world both in the Eastern and the Western areas , these rugs are immensely famous . The exquisite antique traditional look that these rugs offers , just attract people greatly , Therefore the trade of the rugs is in progress day by day .

Importance of kilims

Handmade kilims carry a great importance especially the commercial importance . Without any doubt , importance of any rug depends on the skills of weavers . Moreover , if a weaver has great professional skiils , this guarantees a  great production of kilims .

Furthermore , all kilims are immensely grant a view of tribal life . These rugs are no doubt a main essence of the Eastern culture . The importance of handmade kilims is present in the way of production . If a production is good with the whole interest , no doubt , a quality kilim will be produced .

Beauty of quality handmade new kilim rugs

Handwoven or handmade kilim rugs are the original rugs . Unfortunately , the demand of kilim rugs has increased , therefore , kilims are these days produced and manufactured industrially as well . Kilim rugs are the product of traditional nomadic tribal live .

These kilim rugs produce in villages and the weavers of these rugs are villagers and tribal people . They are skilled people as generation to generation , weaving is their occupation . Handwoven kilim rugs are due to the great export , have somehow lost their traditional value . Moreover , quality handmade new kilim rugs are manufactured on the criteria of today’s market . The new kilim rugs have some changes in :

  • Designs
  • Way of manufacture
  • Materials

Although it’s not like these rugs have lost their historical value . The variations in the above mentioned elements have made new kilims somehow different from the old ones but still it is visible that the people are in love with kilims .

Quality handmade new kilim rugs

Elements of handmade kilims

Following are the main factors that are very important in handmade kilim rugs :

  • Wool : The breed of sheep really matters , s wool is the main element of kilims .
  • Way of production : Kilims are manufacture by hand-operated looms . Wool change into yarn by spinning wheel .
  • Designs : This is the main element because it gives a face to kilim rugs . Therefore , if this is good and attractive customers are more !

Quality handmade new kilim rugs