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Best hand knotted kilim rugs production Iran

Best hand knotted kilim rugs production Iran . Kilims are hand knotted rugs , a pure product of Tribal nomadic life . These textiles manufacture immensely by Iran , as Iran is known as the home of Kilim rugs . However other countries like Azerbaijan and Turkey produce and export these rugs as well .

Moreover , Kilim rugs are very impressive rugs . These items just take the whole attention of textiles lovers towards themselves . Further , without any doubt , Kilims are one of the best kind of rugs present in the market today .

Elegance of best hand knotted kilim rugs

All types of textiles have their own specific look but when we talk about rugs and carpets , the appearance becomes breath taking . Further , Kilim rugs greatly manufacture as well as trade all across the globe .

Additionally , rugs like kilims , are formerly and presently in tribal areas , hand knotted and hand woven . The natural and original plus traditional beauty of Kilims is only visible in the hand knotted ones . Moreover , these rugs are very elegant because of the unique weaving they own and of course the diversity in their designs .

Best hand knotted kilim rugs

Prominence of hand knotted kilims

Kilims  authorized nomadic product , as the creation of these textiles goes back to the history of tribal life of home producing countries . Further , we see that , people have become obsessed by the beauty of hand knotted kilim rugs.

Moreover , the weavers of these items are purely nomads . They don’t go to any institute of arts or any school to learn the weaving . In fact , the only source of the weaving of Kilims , are the teaching they get from their ancestors or forefathers . Further , the weavers pass on the techniques to their children and so on .

Nevertheless , today , these textiles are greatly produce in the cities as well , as proper institutes are open for the weaving learning techniques . Further , people love the art of weaving . It’s very unique and links with the true tradition of country .

Best hand knotted kilim rugs

Details about hand knotted kilim rugs

Textiles like hand knotted kilim rugs , are amazing and very attention seeking . Further , the unparalleled designs and patterns of best hand knotted kilim rugs , are invincible . People mostly attracted by the :

  • Elegance
  • Beauty
  • Uniqueness of designs , patterns and motifs
  • The manifestations of tradition and culture of the region
  • The materials use in the manufacture of these textiles , as wools are of various types too .

Furthermore , hand knotted kilims are immensely charming and full of antique traditions , as the designs are mostly on the tribal symbols and the norms of tribes .

Best hand knotted kilim rugs



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Finest hand knotted kilim rugs exports India

Finest hand knotted kilim rugs export India . Kilims are the most prominent and unique kind of textiles , mostly manufacture by Azerbaijan , Turkey and Iran . These rugs are a very significant part of Eastern culture . The magnetic look of Kilims attract so many people all around the world .

Moreover , Original , all kinds of textiles are handmade and handwoven . Mostly the textiles like kilim rugs are very impressive and carry the traces of nomadic life style in their designs and production .

Importance of finest hand knotted kilim rugs

The hand knotted kilim rugs are of immense value in today’s market and trade . We clearly see in the designs and patterns of the rugs , the professionalism of weavers . Further , people always wait for something traditional especially antique rugs on contemporary standards .

Additionally , the charming exquisite view that these rugs provide to the place , they are used in , is extraordinary delightful . Further , the diversity present in kilims , itself , shows the importance of these rugs . People always want knew and distinctive products and without any doubt , kilims are the best option , in order to satisfy their demands .

Finest hand knotted kilim rugs

Details about hand knotted kilims

Rugs like kilims , have a unique way of weaving . Mainly , these rugs produce without piles , which is clearly visible in the kilim rugs . Further , hand knotted kilims , are a pure tribal nomadic product . The outstanding weaving as well as the traditional designs of these textiles , explain the importance of these rugs in domestic markets as well as at international level .

Additionally , kilim rugs are very appealing to the senses . The designs when elaborated in natural dyes , the product becomes admirable and unbeatable like Kilim rugs . Moreover , Hand knotted rugs generally and kilim rugs especially , regarded as the gist of high artistic skills and prestige since the first time , they were mentioned by ancient Greek writers .

Furthermore , the most common types of hand knotted kilim rugs are as following :

  • Soumak
  • Suzani
  • Moroccan rugs
  • Turkish rugs
  • Shahsavan kilim rugs and many others

Moreover , Many diverse kinds of designs and patterns are used in these rugs like :

  • Mina Khani
  • Harshang
  • Boteh motif
  • Weeping willow
  • Quranic verses
  • Poetry

Further , these elements , attract people greatly because these are the true signs of tradition and culture of a region .

Finest hand knotted kilim rugs

Beauty of hand knotted kilim rugs

When we talk about kilims especially the hand knotted ones , the beauty of these textiles becomes extravagantly immense , which is expressed by the colors , motifs and designs of rugs . Diverse color combination plays a great part in enhancing and developing a unique beauty in Hand knotted kilim rugs .

Finest hand knotted kilim rugs