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Affordable kilim rugs suppliers India

Affordable kilim rugs suppliers India . Kilim rugs or traditional rugs are flat-tapestry rugs , that are widely well-known and popular. Pre-eminent countries that manufacture kilim rugs are Iran , Azerbaijan , Turkey and other Central Asian countries .

Kilim rugs carry great importance in Asia . Similarly kilims are getting the lead in other continents as well . This makes intercontinental trade especially the export of kilims rugs very strong . As Iran is the leading source of kilim rugs therefore export of kilims to the neighboring countries is also immense . This is the reason , India especially on a very high scale import exquisite kilim rugs from Iran .

Significance of kilims

Moreover presently India also manufactures kilim rugs . Kilims these days have become so popular . People worldwide always willing to buy such textiles . The Westerners especially greatly attract by the traditional manifestations of these rugs .

Furthermore , kilims importance is in the designs and quality production of these rugs . These elements link with the weavers skills .

Details about kilim rugs

Originally kilim rugs belong to the countries we already have mentioned . The countries that have historical and cultural background , mostly produce kilims . Kilim rugs are the manifestation of the nomadic tribal life .  People in villages or those who live rural areas manufacture kilims vastly . The weavers from such areas use various unique kind of designs as well as the symbols of their tribes . People throughout the world always attract by the traditional and cultural products and kilim rugs are one of such products .

Affordable kilim rugs

Affordable kilim rugs trade

People greatly import and export kilims at various prices . These days suppliers of kilims are getting more because kilims are cheap as compare to the other types  of rugs . Old and antique as well as handwoven and hand knotted kilims could be really expensive because people serve days and nights to manufacture kilim rugs . Although people produce kilims in workshops and industrially but this can never take place of the original handwoven rug in a village !

Suppliers of kilims in India , supply affordable as well as expensive kilim rugs . Mostly people want affordable kilims but with high quality. Therefore India produces kilim rugs as well as import from the leading countries in kilim rugs manufacture .

Prices of kilim rugs vary from the size , shape , design , way of manufacture . The more kilim is old and antique , the more it is expensive . Kilims are worthy enough to be sold out at high rate .

Affordable kilim rugs




Quality handwoven kilim rugs exports

Quality handwoven kilim rugs exports . Kilim rugs or cultural rugs , in past as well as in present  fabricated by Iran , Azerbaijan , Turkey , Kazakhstan . Kilims extend historical , traditional , cultural gaze to a place  and  industrially have a great importance .

Iran exports handwoven kilims immensely . The quality handwoven kilim rugs on a large scale exported to different countries as they elaborate manifold designs . People in villages mostly spend their days and nights to manufacture kilim rugs , this shows the value and preciousness of these traditional rugs .

Importance of handwoven kilim rugs

  • Kilims have roots back into the ancient times . Discoverers found kilims dating back to at least fourth or fifth century CE in Hotan , China .
  • The weave of the quality handwoven kilim rugs , is quite similar to the modern kilims .
  • Kilims are not long-lasting as compare to the rugs , as they don’t have piles to protect the warps and wefts .
  • Kilims are cheaper than pile rugs that’s why the trade of kilims , is a good way to start with .
  • The more tightly a rug is woven or knotted , the more well designed and exquisite it will look .
  • The weft strands in a rug is always of wool and on the other side the warp strands can be of wool or cotton .
  • Conventionally  the density of the knots and the uniqueness of designs , carry the real value of a rug .
  • Rugs and carpet weaving have gone through bad times such as times of political unrest and the influence of commercial demands .
  • As kilims have ever lasting designs , motifs , colors through which tehy have become universal demand .
  • Kilims are the quality source of healthy , traditional and cultural enviornment .

Quality handwoven kilim rugs

Quality handwoven kilim rugs details

Traditionally for the weaving of kilims local men usually shear wool in autumn or spring and local women convert the wool into yarn on spinning wheels . As the handwoven kilims are present in various colors , mostly natural colors such as red , blue , brown , white . These colors are produced by walnut skin , lettuce leaf , pomegranate skin etc . Women are responsible to give different colors , designs and to bring a pure cultural , historical and nomadic life , look to rugs and carpets . Men (fathers) train their sons to shear wool while women (mothers) train their daughters to use materials , tools , skills etc .

As Iran and Azerbaijan are leading in the manufacture and export of quality handwoven kilim rugs . The two countries have got place on UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists .

Quality handwoven kilim rugs