Soumak- Shahsavan

Soumak Shahsavan kilim is a unique art of north-western Iran. This artistic activity is quite popular among women of the region, especially Arasbaran. Some 85 percent of nomads of East Azerbaijan province from Iran are active in weaving Soumak kilim.

The name Shahsavan given to these kilims is due to a tribe formed by Shah Abbas Safavid. This tribe pledged Shah and defended his western frontiers. Moreover, in return Shah provided necessary summer and winter pasturage for the tribe’s flocks of sheep.Furthermore, the meaning Shahsavan is “those who love Shah”. These tribes later on started manufacturing floor-coverings like kilims, for their daily life.

Soumak shares the features of both kilim and carpet. It is woven without any prepared pattern; its patterns reflect the region’s beliefs and traditions. Since no knots are used in weaving Soumak, it similar to kilim and has a carpet’s design and appearance. The weft of Soumak is made of cotton, wool and silk threads.

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Soumak design

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