Soumak- Afshar

Afshars tribe were historically Turkoman tribe which became separated from other Turkoman groups. The Afshar tribes were first moved to the south of Kerman region in the sixteenth century by Shah Tahmasp, the second monarch of the Safavid dynasty (1502-1736).

Nowadays a large body of weaving from southern Iran, bear the label “Afshar” also known as “Kilim”. Their pile rugs and flat woven kilims generally considered among the finest examples of nomadic weaving coming from that region today. The diversity and creativity of their designs is legendary.

These kilims are renowned for their consistently high quality of substance and craftsmanship, along with a unique aesthetic. Skilful weavers of Afshar tribe also combine kilim, Soumak and pile weaving techniques to create a multi textured surface in one loom, giving products a three dimensional appearance. Afshar kilim rugs are to last generations and are not only a kilim but a true work of art.

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Soumak-Afshar 2