Shirikipich is the name of the most beautiful style of kilim hand woven by the nomadic and village women of Sirjan-Kerman, an art that has registered their hometown as a Kilim World City by Unesco and the World Crafts Council.

Weaving of this kilim is between the carpet weaving and kilim weaving. Unlike carpet weavings the knots are present without cutting them off at the end. Furthermore, weavers create designs and use diverse colors effect with their own artistic mind. The explicit view of kilims shows thoughts, feelings, sadness and happiness of the weaver by the use of different colors. This is another unique feature of this kilim is that its design is woven by heart. There is no pattern for the symbols and everything is improvised. Shirikipich has its loyal customers in the world especially in Europe and Arab countries.

We supply, sale and export these beautiful artworks. On this page, you can view a portion of our wide range of Shirikipich products, Please fill out the request forms or contact us directly if you want to know about our other designs and sizes related to this wonderful rug.

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