One of our main products is Qashqai Collection made by the Qashqai tribe in Southern province of Fars around the famous city of Shiraz in Iran.

This striking all wool flat weaves rug or kilim from the Fars region was woven in slit tapestry weave by a woman of the Qashqai people. The weavers of Qashqai have the highest reputation amongst the people of the Fars area and are known for their fine knotted pile carpets as well as flat weaves like this bright kilim.

Qashqai kilim designs are generally fairly simple and appear to come from a completely different source and tradition than their pile rugs. The colours are generally lighter and often include pale golden yellow. Flat weaves are also more commonly used than pile rugs in Qashqai daily life.

We supply, sale and export different sizes through three categories of designs:

Transitional (which falls between the two)

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Qashqai design 10
Qashqai 6

Qashqai design 1
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