Why Persian kilim is best?

World’s most common and well-known rugs , named as Kilim . A unique kind of textilewidely present in the markets all over the world . Among the manufacturers plus exporters of kilims , Iran is the leading country.

Persian kilim rugs are exquisite unique traditional kind of rugs . These rugs are the product of tribal area mostly but as the demand has increased , these rugs vastly produce industrially . Kilims produce by Iran are diverse in many aspects . These kilims are matchless and supreme in their own antique look.

These rugs carry a great historical tribal value . Moreover , Persian kilims are unbeaten in today’s market . In addition , many manufacturers are trying to produce these kilims . The fakes ones but the quality and diversity of Persian kilim rugs produce in Iran , is outstanding .

How often do you update your kilim rug galleries?

It is different greatly. If you would like to be informed when our new products are listed please send your e-mail address to info@lindbaf.com