Turkish kilim rugs wholesale suppliers online

Turkish kilim rugs wholesale suppliers online . Kilims like Turkish rugs are unique and antique kind of rugs . These kilims manufacture in Turkey , as it is the home producing country . Turkish kilims are famous due to their unique exquisite look of Turkish culture and traditions .

Furthermore , in today’s market rugs and carpets of all kind including kilims , are greatly present . People mostly like old antique designed textiles because of their traditional look . Therefore we see even in the Western world that people greatly use rug and carpets especially kilim . Moreover , as the demand of these rugs have increased , export is increasing as well .

Significance of Turkish kilims

In addition , originally kilims are including Turkish ones are handwoven . People produce and manufacture manually . However , due to the high rate of import , these rug are manufacturing industrially . The industrially produced rugs and carpets are more or less similar to the original handwoven textiles but of course with some differences.

Moreover , kilims are distinguished from each other because of :

  • Materials , this could be silk , wool , cotton .
  • Culture of regions , inter or intra country , this could vary .
  • Way of manufacture , this varies due to the regions and skills weavers have .

Furthermore , the difference in kilims could be due to the weavers . Weavers skills play a main role in the production of a kilim . If a weaver of any region lacks skills then that region can not get famous in the market .

Turkish kilim rugs

Details of Turkish kilim rugs

Kilims like Turkish rugs are traditional . These rugs like all other kind of kilims , are a historical heritage . Moreover , manifestations of tribal lives is present in these rugs in the form of :

  • Colors : Most commonly red , blue , black , white colors are used .
  • Designs : Mostly in kilims Herati , Gol Henna and floral patterns are present I these rugs .
  • Motifs : Eye , comb , life , wolf’s face are the most common motifs .
  • Size : Usually sizes vary because of the uses of these rugs . Turkish kilim rugs are present in large , medium and small size .

Furthermore , in tribal regions these rugs are produced by the help of Loom . This device and some other tools , all manual , create an outstanding and extravagantly beautiful rugs like kilims .

Turkish kilim rugs

Beauty of kilims like Turkish

Turkish kilims are beautiful because of the elaborateness of the manifold designs they carry . Moreover , these rugs are famous worldwide and known in various markets . It is believed that the beauty of rugs is present in the designs . The designs become expressive and attractive when the knots are strong and dense .

Turkish kilim rugs












Finest Turkish kilim rugs exports Turkey

Finest Turkish kilim rugs exports Turkey . Kilims , is a very diverse kind of textiles . One of the type of kilims is Turkish kilim rugs . These rugs manufacture and export by Turkey . The manifestations of Turkish culture and tradition is immensely present in these kilims .

Furthermore , Turkey is a country with a strong historical background of handwoven products . Like Iran , tribal areas in Turkey manufacture textiles in a great amount . Moreover , finest Turkish kilim rugs are mostly handmade . The elegant exquisite look of these rugs , is the reason of high demand of Turkish kilims in domestic as well as international markets .

Regions producing Turkish kilims

Additionally , Turkic people mainly manufacture flat weaves for their daily life . If we look in the history of flat tapestry rugs known a kilims , weavers mostly produced these rugs for their household such as for sitting , laying , camels . Moreover , as the time passed by , these textiles found their place in market first in domestic and later on international markets .

Further , regions of Turkey , that produce these rugs are :

  • Istanbul
  • Hereke
  • Bergama
  • Kozak
  • Yagcibedir
  • Canakkale
  • Usak
  • Milas

These regions of Turkey , manufacture and export Turkish rugs including kilims , of specific designs and colors . These kilims vary in the materials as well . The weavers of every region produce unique exquisite type of rugs .

Finest Turkish kilim rugs

Description about finest Turkish kilim rugs

Rugs like these kilims are very diverse . Turkish kilim rugs vary from region to region . It has seen that the components , warps and wefts , of these rugs change . The materials such as :

  • Wool
  • Cotton
  • Silk

Use in the production of these rugs . For example , Istanbul produces kilims in which warps are mostly of wool and white or sometimes brown in color .Similarly other regions produce different kind of Turkish kilims .

Furthermore , These rugs like other kilims are produced on Loom . Sometimes rugs produce by Turkey contains double knot , that is , each knot of these rugs is made up of two warps .

Finest Turkish kilim rugs

Beauty of Turkish kilims

It has seen that the rugs in Turkey are influenced by the Chinese culture and later on by Islam . Turkish kilims carry different kind of designs . The rugs mostly hold motifs such as eye, wolf’s face , flowing water , stars . All of the motifs explains something regarding nomadic tribal life .

Moreover , weavers put the whole effort in these rugs . These rugs require skilled professionals . The tribal people are mostly professionals without any institution or training school .

Finest Turkish kilim rugs