Diverse traditional kilim rugs suppliers Iran

Diverse traditional kilim rugs suppliers Iran . The exquisite , matchless rugs , a kind of textiles known as Kilim , that are famous across the globe . Diverse traditional kilim rugs produce and manufacture by Turkey , Azerbaijan and Iran .

Moreover , Iran is the world’s highest producer and exporter of rugs and carpets . Kilim rugs elaborate the life of tribal nomadic people . Moreover , the production of kilims is like an occupation and profession for tribal people.The Profession is transferring from generation to generation in the villages and tribes . The explicit view of these rugs grabs everyone’s attention immensely  because of the elaborateness of manifold designs hold by these rugs is extraordinary .

Traditional rugs and world

Kilims is a import by many countries all over the world , therefore , the intercontinental trade of kilim is very high and is in great progress day by day . People these days mostly prefer to by things online . Furthermore , the home producing counties are way to far from the countries like UK , Canada ,  Sharjah , New York and others. Therefore these counties especially need online marketing .

Importance of intercontinental trade of kilims

The export of rugs and carpets , is a great reason why intercontinental trade is getting stronger . Some important points regarding this are :

  • People are coming to know about different traditions and cultures .
  • When a product export to other continents , it creates a link and a good relation between the counties .
  • This intercontinental trade is a reason of the attraction of people towards historical heritages , as products like kilims are a traditional manifestation .

The whole importance of any textile including rugs and carpets , is in the hands of weavers . Weavers have professional skill which is why these rugs are famous worldwide .

Diverse traditional kilim rugs

Details about diverse traditional kilim rugs

Textile like kilims , has great variety and diversity in it . This variety and diversity could be because of :

  • Shapes : kilims are present in different shapes , round , square , oval . The original shape of kilim rugs is rectangular .
  • Sizes : These rugs are present in small , medium , large size .
  • Uses : According to the uses for example in interior decors , variety of kilims are being used .
  • Designs : Every country produce kilims in specific designs .
  • Materials : Kilim rugs are made up of , wool , cotton , silk .

Moreover , these rugs are the main element of the Eastern culture . All the above materials are not useful if the weavers are not skillful . The weavers should be professionally skilled so that a good look of these textiles spread in the world .

Diverse traditional kilim rugs






Supreme best traditional kilim rugs production Iran

Supreme best traditional kilim rugs production Iran . Traditional rugs like kilims are an exquisite type rugs present worldwide . These rugs are mainly manufacture and export by Iran . However other countries of Central Asia also produce kilims greatly .

Rugs like kilims are a handwoven rugs taken birth in the tribal areas and villages . These rugs are well-known because of their antique beauty . Moreover , the trade of supreme best traditional kilim rugs is greatly in progress .

Prominence of Traditional kilims

Iran is the world’s leading country in the production and export of rugs and carpets including kilims . The regions of Iran manufacture rugs and carpets especially kilims are :

  • Isfahan
  • Shiraz
  • Mashhad
  • Kerman
  • Tabriz and many others

All the above mentioned towns , cities and regional areas of Iran manufacture kilims of specific designs . All the designs are traditional and cultural . Furthermore , kilims are originally handwoven . However because of the high rate of demand and import , suppliers and manufacturers produce them industrially .

Supreme best traditional kilim rugs

Details about supreme best traditional kilim rugs

Kilims are a kind of textile that is greatly present in today’s market . These rugs are overwhelmed by the traditional beauty . The antiqueness of kilims just immediately ask people to spend money and buy these textiles . Kilims are mostly made up of wool on Loom . The wool is the ground material greatly present in all kind of rugs and carpets .Important elements of kilims production are :

  • Wool
  • Strands
  • Loom
  • Man power
  • Density of knots

Moreover , the density of wool is very important . This element of the production guarantees the quality of kilim rugs . Therefore , the designs comes out very elaborately and expressively . Furthermore , there are diverse types of designs present in kilims . Majority of the designs express a specific meaning . The designs are pretty much close to the tribal life and their daily routines .

Moreover , If a weaver r is happy or sad , it will interprete in the designs especially in the colrs of a rugs .

Supreme best traditional kilim rugs

Elegance of kilims

Kilims are referred as historical heritage . These rugs shows manifestations of the tribal and village life . The motifs such as :

  • Eye
  • Woman
  • Flowing water
  • Comb and others express the meaning of fertility , marriage , evil eye . This is a beauty present in kilims which is the reason of high rate of import .

Moreover , the elegance of kilims is in the hands of weavers . Mostly in tribal areas weavers have professional skills , as they practice weaving as an occupation . Weavers mind , feelings , mood , all effects the creation of kilims .

Supreme best traditional kilim rugs