Best tapestry kilim rugs exports

Best tapestry kilim rugs exports . Tapestry is a textile art , mostly present in the kilim rugs and known as tapestry kilim rugs . Kilims are generally referred to Iran , Turkey , Azerbaijan and some other countries of Central Asia .

Furthermore , the historical background of these kilims is so strong . We see these tapestries back in the middle age . People have found different unique sample of tapestries from the Greek times , that are preserved and resent in museums as well .

Importance of Kilim rugs

The manifestations of these textiles were present in different centuries , all over the world . This shows that weaving has a strong deep roots which date back to human history . This is one of the important reasons of people’s attraction towards these textiles .

Moreover , kilim rugs are very important element of the Eastern culture . Undoubtedly , these rugs have spread the true and pure essence of the culture immensely because of the exquisite look of themselves .

Details about best tapestry kilim rugs

Kilims like tapestries , immensely manufacture all across the world . These kilims like other kilims produce traditionally by hands . Tapestries manually produce on Loom . The most important elements in the production of these rugs are :

  • Fibre strands : this includes warps and wefts .
  • Material : wool , cotton , linen is commonly used . However , silk threads including gold , silver and other alternatives are also in use.
  • Loom : this element of production , is very important . the diversity that is present in tapestries is probably due to this . The different sizes of looms , use in the production of different tapestries for example for small tapestries or large tapestries .

Moreover , tapestries are a diverse woven product . People mostly attract by the diversity of this textile . This is the cause of high import rate of these rugs which leads to the enormous increase in export as well .

Best tapestry kilim rugs

Beauty of tapestries

Rugs like best tapestry kilim rugs , are exquisite and attractive because of the elaborateness of the manifold designs hold by them . These designs are traditional which vary from region to region . Some of the common tapestries are :

  • Apocalypse tapestry
  • Wawel tapestries
  • Overhogdal tapestries
  • Sampul tapestry

Furthermore , the beauty of these rugs are in designs which comes out greatly and expressively when the knots of tapestries are dense . The threads of various colors use in producing different designs . Moreover , sometimes multicolored threads also use in the production of tapestries . Jacquard tapestries are the most famous and unique beautiful kind of tapestries .

Best tapestry kilim rugs