High quality Sirjan kilim rugs exports

High quality Sirjan kilim rugs exports . Sirjan kilim rugs are a kind of textiles , come with other kilims . These kilims are produce by the city Sirjan , capital of Sirjan County , Kerman province , Iran . These kilims are much more similar to Shirikipich kilims .

Furthermore , Sirjan greatly produce many woven textiles . Among these rugs Sirjan kilims are very well known in domestic as well as international market . These kilim carry diverse manifestations of traditions . Sirjan city is famous because of the historical remains present in the city .

Market and the kilims

Moreover , Sirjan kilim rugs like other Persian kilims greatly in progress in today’s trade . These rugs are immensely export and manufactured worldwide . People worldwide attract by the unique traditional beauty of these rugs .

Furthermore , the Western world lacks the exquisite Eastern culture . This is the reason , these countries import such products on a very high scale . The Westerners use these rugs in various purposes and the most important among them all is the interior decors .

Sirjan kilim rugs are available in various prices . Like all the kilims , these rugs are also expensive , cheap and on discounts , in the market .

Production of high quality Sirjan kilim rugs

Kilims like Sirjan kilim rugs , manufacture originally in tribal areas and villages . the signs of tribal life is clearly visible in these rugs . Weavers mostly produce these rugs on Loom . The is a manual device, on which warp and weft strands form .

Moreover , the distinguishing element of Sirjan kilims is that the extreme ends of these rugs carry cotton threads . This is due to protect the kilims formulation of strands , not to get scattered . These ends attach together by the colorful wool .

Additionally , on the base of these rugs , artificial flowers are used . These flowers arrange up in the center and on the corners of the  kilims . Sirjan kilims are present in various sizes , small rectangular as well as large rectangular size .

High quality Sirjan kilim rugs

Beauty of Sirjan kilims

Weavers manufacture these kilims according to the traditional values . They mostly use natural colors such as White , gray , black , fawn , the natural colors of wool . Moreover, the weavers use also red, blue and bright green colors .

Furthermore , people mostly call these kilims , Shirikipich kilim rugs . These kilims are purely woven by natural wool . Kilims like Sirjan rugs are durable as well as easily washable .

Additionally , weavers play a main role in the beauty of these rugs . If a weaver have professional skills the quality as well as the greatness of the rugs will be guaranteed .

High quality Sirjan kilim rugs





Sirjan antique tribal design kilim rugs exports

Sirjan antique tribal design kilim rugs exports . Sirjan kilim rugs like other kilim textiles , are flat weave tapestries . These kilims are the most famous and important product of Sirjan city of Kerman province , Iran .

Furthermore , kilims like Sirjan rugs are popular because of their exquisite designs and creativity present in them. Weaving is an art carried by the tribal people of Sirjan city . Weavers have skills in this art like professionals.  They do not go for any institute for training . Moreover , these skills transfer from weaver to weaver .

Commercial aspects

However , these days people due to the demand of market has changed something . For example rather than producing traditional rugs including kilims , they have started weaving  :

  • Shoes
  • Bags
  • Chairs

These are handwoven as well but the tradition and culture of these people was seen in rugs and carpets before . Moreover , due to the high demand of these rugs , manufacturers and exporters ,have to speed up the production of these rugs . This is why , we see that these rugs are greatly produced industrially on a very large scale .

Sirjan antique tribal design kilim rugs

Details about Sirjan antique tribal design kilim rugs

Sirjan city produce antique kilims with unique traditional designs . Weavers produce textiles like kilims manually . It has seen that the weavers are mostly women . Moreover , they do these work , the weaving with a great interest . Side by side , they transfer the weaving skills into the up coming generation so that weaving would never be forgotten in their tribe .

Furthermore , weavers spend their whole life in weaving and choose this as their occupation . Women especially start this profession from early age and continue it till the end of their lives . Weavers by manufacturing these rugs , earn and spend in their daily lives .

Additionally , these rugs carry a great importance in various aspects . It has seen that the thoughts , feelings such as happiness or sadness , interpret in the colors of rugs cconfined by the unique designs , of weavers .

Sirjan antique tribal design kilim rugs

Elegance of Sirjan kilims

The beauty of these rugs is present in the unique tribal and traditional designs . A great diversity is extraordinary present in these kilims . Weavers use various colors especially unique color combinations such as red with blue . Moreover , it is important to mention here , the colors use in these rugs with the requirements of designs .

Additionally , The designs mostly base on nature around . For example , trees , animals such as goat , birds , camel , are included in the designs too . The elegant look of these attracts customers which lead to high rate of import from the exporters .

Sirjan antique tribal design kilim rugs