Best Qashqai kilim rugs wholesale suppliers

Best Qashqai kilim rugs wholesale suppliers . Qashqai kilim rugs are the most famous kind of kilims worldwide . These kilims belong to Qashqai people . Moreover , the group of people live in Iran , comprises of Turkic people , Lurs , Kurds and Arabs .

Best Qashqai kilim rugs are traditional rugs . These kilims show the diversity immensely because of the different races of people present in the Qashqai group . Qashqai kilim rugs are greatly exported to many counties . The intercontinental trade by the export of these rugs is in progress day by day .

Prominence of Qashqai kilims

Furthermore , Qashqai kilims carry distinctions from her kind of kilims . In today’s market both domestic as well as international , these rugs are always sold out on a very high scale . Kilims like Qashqai rugs because of their unique antique traditional designs , known as historical heritage .

Additionally , the kilims produce in tribal areas are unique in various aspects . It truly depends on weavers skills .

Importance of best Qashqai kilim rugs

Qashqai kilims are like other kilims . The difference in between these rugs and other kilims is that in these kilims both rugs weaving and carpet weavings are involved . Moreover , these rugs give a historical , tribal nomadic life view . Importance of Qashqai kilims involves:

  • These kilims show culture of Turkey , Kurdistan , Arab area . This diversity in Qashqai kilim rugs attract people .
  • Qashqai people use various designs in the rugs mostly based on their tribal symbols .
  • The wool use in Qashqai kilims production is different than others . This wool is mostly from the breed of sheep and goats , that are in mountainous areas .
  • Rugs like Qashqai kilims are soft , delicate and extravagantly exquisite . Moreover , this fact goes back to the kind of wool use in the production of kilims .
  • All the colors use in these kilims are equally visible without any merging . The explicit view of these kilims get immense and enormous plus outstanding due to this feature .

Furthermore , In today’s market especially in Iran many people supply these rugs both to domestic s well as international markets .

Best Qashqai kilim rugs

Fabrication of Qashqai kilims

Qashqai kilim rugs originally produce manually . These rugs are handwoven and handmade . Rugs like Qashqai kilims produce on Loom , hand-operated device . However , these rugs in today’s market produce industrially greatly . Areas produce Qashqai kilims are :

  • Khuzestan
  • Isfahan
  • Bushehr
  • Shiraz
  • Firuzabad and others

Moreover , these regions of Iran manufacture and supply Qashqai kilims . In today’s market wholesale suppliers of kilims are present in widely .

Best Qashqai kilim rugs