Best Persian traditional kilim rugs export

Best Persian traditional kilim rugs export . kilim rugs are traditional rugs . These rugs are famous and popular worldwide because of the cultural designs they contain . Export of beautiful Persian traditional kilim rugs is immensely in progress .

In past as well as in present days Iran is the top leading country in the trade of Persian kilim rugs . Similarly Azerbaijan , Turkey and other countries of Central Asia manufacture kilims too and export the rugs universally.

Best Persian traditional kilim rugs details

Quality of kilim rugs varies from place to place or from country to country . As some countries these days have started manufacturing duplicate kilim rugs therefore it’s hard to buy the original kilims . Original kilim rugs are present only in the home producing countries of kilims . So for trade purpose it is recommended to import the product from the original source . Therefore for best Persian traditional kilim rugs , Iran is the best option . The question that rises here is that “Why import from the home producing countries ? ”

best Persian traditional kilim rugs

Import of traditional kilim rugs

Import of kilims from the home manufacturing countries because the demand of the product is very high . People always look for the original product , the more a product is original , the more people will buy . Iran produce and export kilim rugs that is Persian traditional kilim rugs , in a very great extent . The originality of these kilims are reserved . Trade from the original producing source of the product (Kilim rugs) carries different beneficial elements and factors :

  • These kilims are pretty much close to the original tradition and culture .
  • The kilim rugs produce and export from Iran carry the true essence of historical heritage .
  • Most of the kilims are handwoven and handknotted by the villagers or the tribal people .
  • These kilims have various types of designs that are really close to the culture of Iran .
  • These kilims represent the traditional and original nomadic life of people .
  • Weavers of these kilims mostly create designs from their own imaginations because it’s very easy for them , as they live in such areas.
  • Manufacturers of Persian traditional kilim rugs in villages usually use their tribal and family symbols and manifestations . This give an exquisite uniqueness to the kilims .

Importance of kilims

Export of best Persian traditional kilim rugs is enormously famous throughout the world . Similarly the import of these traditional rugs is increasing day by day especially in the Western world . People greatly attract by the beautiful designs of these textiles which represent the skillful weavers living in the Eastern world .

best Persian traditional kilim rugs






Unsurpassable Persian traditional kilim rugs trade

Unsurpassable Persian traditional kilim rugs trade .The most famous kind of rugs in today’s world is kilim . Prime exporters and manufacturers of kilims are Iran , Azerbaijan , Turkey and countries present in Central Asia .

Kilim rugs are undoubtedly are in great progress in the market . Unsurpassable Persian traditional kilim rugs that belong to Iran are greatly in use , in almost every household . Persian kilim rugs carry their own extravagant exquisite unique look that just attracts people the most .

Significance of Persian kilims

Iran is among the leading countries in the export of kilim rugs . Therefore the intercontinental trade or simply just trade of kilims , is very strong . The reason why these rugs are makng progress day by day in the trade , is that , these rugs are a source of introducing and spreading the Eastern culture all over the world .

Furthermore , The traditional look of these textiles shows that the continent of Asia has very skillful people especially the weavers of these textiles .

Features of unsurpassable Persian traditional kilim rugs

Kilims are well-known due to the history they carry . Kilims are purely a product of tribal life , as we can easy the influence of tribal lives in the designs of kilim rugs . Kilims are traditional rugs . Kilim rugs are famous because of the elaborateness of their manifold designs .

Weavers of kilims in villages are mostly women as they can change wool into yarn and create various beautiful designs . Men also weave but they shear of wool , choose the best breed of sheep or goat .

Furthermore , mostly these weavers interpret their surroundings , nature , thoughts and feelings in the rugs .

Unsurpassable Persian traditional kilim rugs

Patterns of kilim rugs

  • Herati pattern : This design id commonly found in the handmade rugs of Iran . It comprises of flower surrounded by leaves . These leaves are called fishes too .
  • Boteh pattern : Another name used for this design is Mir-buteh . A pear shape motif like a flame is the famous part of this pattern .
  • Shah Abbas pattern : This design is common in Kashan , Isfahan , Mashhad , Nain rugs . It consists of palmettes and lotus motif in elegant shape which depends on the density of knots .
  • Dyrnak pattern : This is Turkish pattern but used in unsurpassable Persian traditional kilim rugs as well . This design id very old and antique . It consists of gol pattern .

Moreover , all these patterns are linked with the professional skills of weavers . If a weaver is skilled , these designs and patterns are great and worldwide acceptable .

Unsurpassable Persian traditional kilim rugs