Splendid Persian kilim rugs manufacture

Splendid Persian kilim rugs manufacture . The famous Persian kilim rugs or traditional rugs are a supreme mark of historical and cultural heritage . Formerly as well as presently Iran , Turkey , Azerbaijan , are the leading countries in the export and production of kilim rugs .

Additionally , Persian kilims provide traditional view to a place . People all over the world import splendid Persian kilim rugs greatly . Iran is famous because of the manufacture and production of these Persian kilim rugs . The trade of Persian kilim rugs is immensely in progress day by day .

What is a kilim ?

Kilims are flat-tapestry , handwoven rugs . They are traditional rugs and reflect nomadic life of tribal area . Kilims contain warps which are mostly of wool and wefts which are of wool or cotton . Moreover , designs of kilims are mostly environmental , historical and cultural . In villages men shear wool while women change the wool to yarn by spinning wheel and give various designs to it . Besides , kilim is woven by the colorful threads to give an exquisite look . Kilim is really useful in our daily lives .

Furthermore , previously  kilims were confined into domestic consumption . Presently kilims attain their place in market because of the decorative popularity such as wall-hangings ,  pillows , floor-coverings etc .

splendid Persian kilim rugs

Major suppliers of splendid Persian kilim rugs

The worlds import of carpets and rugs have nearly reached to US$2 million .The most important supplier of rugs and carpets is the Islamic Republic of Iran (24.7%) ,  India (21.3%), China (13.9%), Nepal (8.4%), Pakistan (8.3%) and Turkey (7.1%) .

These statistics show that quality splendid Persian kilim rugs are leading in market . Likewise Iran other countries are trying to produce rugs with the Iranian designs . Unfortunately the originality remains in the Persian kilim rugs manufactured purely in Iran . The study shows that almost 1.2 million weavers in Iran manufacture carpets and rugs for domestic market . They manufacture for international export as well . Iran is the larger exporter and manufacturer of handmade and handwoven carpets and rugs including kilim rugs , producing three quarter of the world’s output . Furthermore Iran’s export of carpets and rugs is greatly considerable .

splendid persian kilim rugs

Types of rugs manufactured in Iran

  • Dilmaghani ( name of the family back in Qajar dynasty . They were famous in producing hand-knotted carpets and rugs )
  • Gabbeh ( traditional rugs , actually a pile rug )
  • Kilim ( or gelim in Persian )
  • Heriz rug ( belongs to Heris , in the northeast of Iran . These rugs are durable )
  • Tabriz rug ( general category of Persian carpets )
  • Kashan rug ( famous as Persian rug )

splendid Persian kilim rugs










Best quality Persian kilim rugs exporters online

Best quality Persian kilim rugs exporters online . World’s most common and well-known rugs , named as Kilim . A unique kind of textile, widely present in the markets all over the world . Among the manufacturers plus exporters of kilims , Iran is the leading country.

Persian kilim rugs are exquisite unique traditional kind of rugs . These rugs are the product of tribal area mostly but as the demand has increased , these rugs vastly produce industrially . Kilims produce by Iran are diverse in many aspects . These kilims are matchless and supreme in their own antique look .

Information about Persian kilim rugs

These rugs carry a great historical tribal value . Moreover , Persian kilims are unbeaten in today’s market . In addition , many manufacturers are trying to produce these kilims . The fakes ones but the quality and diversity of Persian kilim rugs produce in Iran , is outstanding . As rugs and carpet lovers are increasing , therefore , the exporters and producers must increase as well .

Furthermore , we see in today’s market that many countries and manufacturing and exporting kilims greatly . Iran’s capital “Tehran” is the world’s highest producer and exporter of rugs and carpets especially Persian kilim rugs . Different cities , town and regional area of Iran produce kilims manually as well as industrially .Moreover , the original kilims are handwoven and handmade .

Best quality Persian kilim rugs

Making of best quality Persian kilim rugs

Kilim rugs are old antique woven product . In villages and tribal areas , weavers are mostly women while men provide materials such as wool by shearing it of . Women are the main component of kilim’s production . Moreover , they give various beautiful designs that are pretty much close to the tribal symbols . The elaborateness of manifold designs of kilims , is the main reason of high demand  both domestically as well as internationally .

In the making of kilims , Loom is very important . It is an old , hand-operated device used to manufacture rugs and carpets . The whole making process of kilims is done on Loom . The important elements of kilim’s production :

  • Wool
  • Designs
  • Motifs
  • Way of weaving
  • Loom

Importance of Persian kilims

Furthermore , the exporters of kilims these days mostly export products online . As the intercontinental trade of kilims is in progress day to day , the online export really important . The exporters mostly do marketing online and export these leading rugs immensely .

Additionally ,  the pure and original look of these rugs is present in the tribal ones . The weavers in the tribal areaas have played a main role in giving Persian kilims a great importance .

Best quality Persian kilim rugs