Moroccan kilim rugs worldwide exports

Moroccan kilim rugs worldwide exports . Textiles are diverse products and the major part of it is a Kilims . Kilims have variety of types that includes Moroccan kilim rugs . These rugs  product of tribal areas and villages . Furthermore , Moroccan kilim rugs are manufacture and export by Morocco .

Kilims like Moroccan kilim rugs worldwide value is really high . These kilims are handmade or handwoven or hand knotted . The question that rises here is that why Moroccan kilim rugs includes in kilims ? There are some important reason in this regard:

Reasons of Moroccan rugs inclusion in Kilims

Moroccan kilim rugs are known as kilims because

  • Firstly , the history is a very important reason because all the production of rugs and carpets formerly occur in tribal areas . Moreover , these tribes link with each other for example by designs , motifs , way of manufacture , materials .
  • Secondly , kilims like Moroccan kilim rugs are woven on Loom . Loom is hand-operated device , a wooden vertical frame , on which warps and wefts form up .
  • Thirdly , Moroccan kilims produce by the materials such as wool , cotton , silk . These materials are use in the production of all kilims .

Moreover , the whole production of these kilims depend on weavers . A weaver should be skilled and professional .

Moroccan kilim rugs worldwide

Beauty of Moroccan kilim rugs worldwide

These rugs are in immense progress day by day . The export of these kilims is in full swing like other kilims , in today’s world . Tribal nomadic life in Morocco manufacture the kilims greatly . Weavers in villages and tribal areas do not go for any artistic training . They do not seek for any guidance because this is the occupation of these people since many years . This profession of weaving transfers from generation to generation . The original beauty of these kilims is in the handwoven ones , therefore , people all over the world attract by these kilims very strongly.

The exquisite beauty of Moroccan kilim rugs worldwide spread . We see that in the Western world people use them as floor-coverings and for other decoration purposes .

Moroccan kilim rugs worldwide

Moroccan kilims and market

Undoubtedly , Moroccan kilims are leading in today’s market . These rugs like other types of rugs carry a great commercial importance . Moreover , Moroccan kilims are greatly manufacture in the home producing country that is Morocco , on a very high scale .

Furthermore , the purity and originality of every rug present in the handmade and tribal areas ones . Neverthesless , these days we see that , Moroccan rugs like other textiles manufacture industrially .