Old tribal Kurdish kilim rugs manufacture

Old tribal Kurdish kilim rugs manufacture . Kurdish tribes enrich with traditional and cultural manifestations immensely . There people practice weaving as their occupation . Areas like the Eastern part of Turkey , North-Western Iran , Iraq and some other countries .

Additionally , kilims like the Kurdish ones represent Kurdish culture throughout the world . It has seen that people after knowing the authenticity of these rugs , have greatly attracted towards kilims including Kurdish rugs .

Prominence of Kurdish kilims

Furthermore , kilims are a kind of textile , that have diverse kinds of itself , which includes :

  • Area kilim rugs
  • Persian kilim rugs including Shirikipich kilims , Shahsavan kilims , Qashqai kilims and many others .
  • Moroccan kilims

The diversity present in kilim is due to the traditional influence . Old tribal Kurdish kilim rugs are a kind of rugs known as Historical heritage . People all over the world love to buy such kilims for their households . We clearly see kilim rugs in the Western households as floor-coverings as well as for interior decors . Moreover , Kurdish kilim rugs refer to the Kurdish people . The traditions and tribal symbols practice by these people , are clearly visible in these rugs .

Old tribal Kurdish kilim rugs

Elegance of Old tribal Kurdish kilim rugs

All rugs and carpets , originally are handwoven and handmade . Villagers and tribal people manufacture these rugs manually with great interest . However , these days due to the high import of rugs and carpets , manufacturers and exporters , produce these textiles industrially .

Moreover , Handwoven all kinds of kilims including Kurdish kilim rugs , produce by a wooden device named as Loom . This a vertical device on which Warp strands and Weft strands are formed . The traditional antique and unique look of kilims come due to the production on this device . Furthermore , the elegance and grace of Kurdish kilims is in the designs . These designs are mostly very close to their traditional values . Weavers of the Kurdish kilims mostly create designs by their minds and thoughts . They interpret their dreams , wishes , feelings in the elaborateness of colors and manifold designs of these rugs .

Old tribal Kurdish kilim rugs

Attributes of Kurdish kilims

The important elements and factors of these kilims are :


  • Designs
  • Wool
  • Motifs
  • Way of production

Wool is the most important element of any kilim . The whole constitution of these rugs is of wool . The quality of wool describes the quality of kilims . Moreover , the designs are mostly floral ones . The Kurdish people put the nature round them in the designs of kilims and give them a unique look overwhelmed by the traditional beauty .

Old tribal Kurdish kilim rugs