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Best hand knotted kilim rugs production Iran

Best hand knotted kilim rugs production Iran . Kilims are hand knotted rugs , a pure product of Tribal nomadic life . These textiles manufacture immensely by Iran , as Iran is known as the home of Kilim rugs . However other countries like Azerbaijan and Turkey produce and export these rugs as well .

Moreover , Kilim rugs are very impressive rugs . These items just take the whole attention of textiles lovers towards themselves . Further , without any doubt , Kilims are one of the best kind of rugs present in the market today .

Elegance of best hand knotted kilim rugs

All types of textiles have their own specific look but when we talk about rugs and carpets , the appearance becomes breath taking . Further , Kilim rugs greatly manufacture as well as trade all across the globe .

Additionally , rugs like kilims , are formerly and presently in tribal areas , hand knotted and hand woven . The natural and original plus traditional beauty of Kilims is only visible in the hand knotted ones . Moreover , these rugs are very elegant because of the unique weaving they own and of course the diversity in their designs .

Best hand knotted kilim rugs

Prominence of hand knotted kilims

Kilims  authorized nomadic product , as the creation of these textiles goes back to the history of tribal life of home producing countries . Further , we see that , people have become obsessed by the beauty of hand knotted kilim rugs.

Moreover , the weavers of these items are purely nomads . They don’t go to any institute of arts or any school to learn the weaving . In fact , the only source of the weaving of Kilims , are the teaching they get from their ancestors or forefathers . Further , the weavers pass on the techniques to their children and so on .

Nevertheless , today , these textiles are greatly produce in the cities as well , as proper institutes are open for the weaving learning techniques . Further , people love the art of weaving . It’s very unique and links with the true tradition of country .

Best hand knotted kilim rugs

Details about hand knotted kilim rugs

Textiles like hand knotted kilim rugs , are amazing and very attention seeking . Further , the unparalleled designs and patterns of best hand knotted kilim rugs , are invincible . People mostly attracted by the :

  • Elegance
  • Beauty
  • Uniqueness of designs , patterns and motifs
  • The manifestations of tradition and culture of the region
  • The materials use in the manufacture of these textiles , as wools are of various types too .

Furthermore , hand knotted kilims are immensely charming and full of antique traditions , as the designs are mostly on the tribal symbols and the norms of tribes .

Best hand knotted kilim rugs



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Diverse handmade Bakhtiari kilim rugs suppliers

Diverse handmade Bakhtiari kilim rugs suppliers . One of very traditional kilims known as Bakhtiari kilim rugs . These textiles are very unique items manufacture by Bakhtiari tribes present in various regions of Iran . The very prominent look of Bakhtiari kilim rugs attracts so many customers , worldwide .

Additionally , Iran creates and exports diverse rugs and carpets , with a very diverse and invincible look . The Iranian textiles especially rugs and carpets are referred as the world’s highest textiles . Further , these textiles are of several types such as :

  • Shahsavan
  • Bidjar
  • Gabbeh
  • Kolai
  • Senneh
  • Bakhtiari and many others .

Moreover , it would not be exaggeration , if we say that every region of Iran , produce unique textiles , mostly rugs and carpets are famous .

Importance of diverse handmade Bakhtiari kilim rugs

All kinds of rugs manufacture in Iran , are of great importance and Bakhtiari are one of them . Further , these textiles are produced by the region of Chahar Mahaal and Bakhtiari, Iran . The famous Bakhtiari tribes living in these regions are weaving these items , since a very long time .

Nevertheless , many Bakhtiari communities are living in various area in Iran , which handmade the rugs , in a unique nomadic way , such as :

  • Isfahan
  • Khozestan
  • Lorestan
  • Shahr e Kurd

Further , these areas manufacture diverse handmade Bakhtiari kilim rugs , on a very high scale . The very exquisite look of these textiles which is mostly because of the designs and patterns , are copied by other counties as well .

Diverse handmade Bakhtiari kilim rugs

Profusion of details about Bakhtiari kilim rugs

Rugs like Bakhtiari kilims , are of unbeatable importance in domestic as well as international markets. Further , the lovers of these textiles are very greatly influenced by the traditional mostly the tribal nomadic look of Bakhtiari kilim rugs .

Moreover , diverse handmade Bakhtiari kilim rugs , are mainly based on cotton as well as wool . The warps of these rugs are of cotton while the wefts are of wool . Further , the finest look of Bakhtiari kilims like other textiles , is in the hands of weavers .

Furthermore , it has believed that if the knots density is high , the quality of textiles becomes outstanding . Mostly weavers focus on this fact , to create something admirable and great .

Diverse handmade Bakhtiari kilim rugs

Grace of handmade Bakhtiari kilim rugs

Kilims like Bakhtiari rugs , are of immense importance throughout the world . Further ,the very charming look of these textiles which is mostly based on the designs of the rugs , is unbeatable . Moreover , the designs are mostly floral and garden inspired . This uniqueness lead to an extravagant grace of Bakhtiari kilim rugs .

Diverse handmade Bakhtiari kilim rugs



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Quality handmade tribal kilim rugs sales Indonesia

Quality handmade tribal kilim rugs sales Indonesia . Textiles born in tribal areas of almost every country , describe the traditional and cultural value of the region . Among these items , Kilim rugs are of very immense and invincible state in worldwide trade and market including Indonesia .

Additionally , Rugs are very olds tribal and nomadic life product . These items were a very important of the daily life of nomads . Further , these people used to produce various textiles apart from the rugs , in order to earn their living . Some of the tribal textiles are as following :

  • Saddle bags
  • Blanks
  • Quilts
  • Rugs
  • Carpets

Moreover , these products found the very prominent and noticeable position , when people especially in the Western world found out the historical authenticity of these textiles .

Prominence of handmade kilims

The textiles like kilims are immensely famous , all around the world . Further , we can see the importance of rugs like kilims in the museums as well as the showrooms of textiles . The very antique and old pieces , of like thousands of years back , are preserved in various museums of the world .

Furthermore , handmade kilim rugs , are wholly traditional item .The elements like the following ones , show the tribal importance of these products , such as :

  • Designs
  • Patterns
  • Motifs
  • Way of weaving

Moreover , kilims are formerly a manual products , as the whole process of production takes place on Loom . Further , even this machine is handmade , comprising of small and large wood pieces , join together by ropes .

Quality handmade tribal kilim rugs

Beauty of quality handmade tribal kilim rugs

Rugs like the handmade tribal kilim rugs are very alluring , as the traits hold by these textiles are unique and unequal in many ways . Moreover , the beauty of tribal kilims is in the fact of being tribal and nomadic item .

Additionally , people always look for something ancient with modern and contemporary standards . In this regards , kilim rugs , are the best selection by the traditional textiles lovers . Further , regardless of any exaggeration , handmade kilims are a true manifestation of the Eastern world .

Quality handmade tribal kilim rugs

Tribal kilims and market

The rugs like quality handmade tribal kilim rugs , are greatly seen in markets today . Further , the demand of these textiles is increasing day by day , as the rate of the lovers of these rugs have enormously progressed .

Furthermore , these rugs have made their way in the markets of :

  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • China
  • Europe
  • Canada

Moreover , these countries are highly attracted by the overwhelming beauty of handmade tribal kilims . These textiles have earned their deserved position in today’s world , which is unsurpassable .

Quality handmade tribal kilim rugs

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Old Persian Senneh kilim rugs sales worldwide

Old Persian Senneh kilim rugs sales worldwide . Kilims are that kind of textiles , which are very widely formed by various countries of Asia . Among all the countries , Iran is the highest producer of Kilim rugs including Senneh kilim rugs .

Furthermore , various regions in Iran manufacture and export rugs and carpets of specific types . These textiles are world’s most prominent items , as people attract by these textiles at a very high rate . Further , the regions of Iran like

  • Mashhad
  • Tabriz
  • Shiraz
  • Sanandaj (Senneh)
  • Isfahan

Moreover , all diverse textiles regardless of rugs and carpets , the above regions plus many other areas , are well known across the globe because of the professional skills , they own .

Prominence of old Persian Senneh kilim rugs

If we talk about the most charming rugs , Kilims are very suitable for it . Further , these flat weaves are very appealing to senses , as the weaving of these rugs is unparalleled . Moreover , Persian kilims, hold a very great importance among all kinds of kilims .

Additionally , Persian kilim rugs have a very strong background . The designs and patterns use on these textiles , show the traditional and tribal background of Persian rugs and carpets . Further , Old Persian Senneh kilim rugs , which belong to Kurdish people , are very ancient textiles .

Furthermore , Persian Senneh kilim rugs , are very fine weavings of Kurdistan province , Iran . If we see the background of this region , the art of weaving of this area is very prominent . Further , Senneh kilims , are regarded as Iran’s best rugs in and out of Iran .

Old Persian Senneh kilim rugs

Details about Persian Senneh kilim rugs

The kilims , made by Kurdistan province , are mostly known as Senneh , as it is the old name of Kurdistan’s capital . Further , Senneh kilim rugs , have undoubtedly very noticeable place among the textiles of Iran . Moreover , these rugs are created on various patterns and designs out of which following are the most common ones :

  • RhombS
  • Mir-e-buteh
  • Herati

Additionally , Wool is the material , which mostly use by the weavers of Senneh kilims . Further , wool is very responsive to the natural dyes , as we see the great color effects present in these rugs .

Old Persian Senneh kilim rugs

Beauty of Senneh kilims

Kilims like Senneh rugs especially the ones made by Kurdish people of Iran , are highly admirable . Further , the beauty of these textiles is present in the weavings and professionalism show by the weavers . The weavers put their full interest in these textiles creation and grant a traditional plus nomadic life style look to them , so that they stay close with Old Persian or Iranian arts .

Old Persian Senneh kilim rugs



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Best quality Anbaran kilim rugs imports

Best quality Anbaran kilim rugs imports . Tapestries are a very unique textiles , the flat weaves , commonly known as Kilims . There are many producers and exporters Kilim rugs , among which Iran is the leading country . Many cities manufacture rugs and carpets in Iran and Anbaran is one of them.

Furthermore , Rugs and carpets are of great importance , throughout the world . These days many countries are producing these textiles , as this is the reason of great economical success today . Further , one of the type of rugs is famous as Kilims , hold invincible position in market .

Significance of rugs and carpets

All of the textiles present , are of unique importance but when we talk about rugs and carpets , these items constitute the majority part of the textiles world . Moreover , as the textiles come up , all we here is about rugs and carpets .

Additionally , these products , are of diverse types . We have seen in various museums of the world , the old and antique pieces of rugs and carpets , which shows that once people have discovered the truth about these textiles and give way to the museums . Further , This lead to the high increase of rugs and carpets in market , worldwide .

Best quality Anbaran kilim rugs

Details about best quality Anbaran kilim rugs

Iran a very high significant position in the world because of the rugs and carpets , it produces . Further , these rugs have various types and majority of the types of these textiles , is linked with various regions of Iran .

Additionally , Following are some famous cities and regions , which produce rugs and carpets :

  • Tabriz
  • Isfahan
  • Mashhad
  • Anbaran
  • Shiraz and many others

Furthermore , If we talk about Anbaran kilim rugs , these textiles holds a prominent noticeable place among the rugs manufacture by Iran . Further , these items are antique products , mostly manufacture in tribal nomadic areas . The weavers in Anbaran region , Iran , create Kilim rugs , with full interest and create them to be according to the standards of the world .

Best quality Anbaran kilim rugs

Beauty of Anbaran kilims

The flat weaves , named as Anbaran Kilim rugs , are an exquisite kind of rugs , manufacture by Iran . These rugs are without piles . Moreover , the unique diverse look of these textiles represents the culture of Anbaran city .

Additionally , the weavers mostly try to interpret , the surrounding around them , in a very great traditional and cultural look . Further , the professional skills of the weavers , put these textiles at the high level in the market as well as in trade . Moreover , Anbaran kilims are also known as Historical heritage of Iran .

Best quality Anbaran kilim rugs



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Best Suzani kilim rugs import Iran

Best Suzani kilim rugs import Iran . Among all the kinds of rugs produce in Iran , Suzani kilim rugs are of great importance . These rugs are hand-made and purely a tribal product . Undoubtedly , Suzani kilim rugs , is the best choice people can make for interior decors .

Moreover , Kilim rugs are flat rugs from both sides unlike other rugs . These rugs highly admirable and carry a great unbeatable value in Iran’s market and trade . To mention here , these textiles are famous worldwide , in the market .

Details about best Suzani kilim rugs

Rugs like Suzani ones are mostly of cotton . Further , these items are famous because of the variety of stitches , weavers use in their production . Suzani rugs need very high professional skills of weaving , as the whole work is manual and delicate .

Additionally , Suzani kilim rugs , carries various :

  • Colors
  • Patterns
  • Designs
  • Motifs

Further , the above elements should be placed very interestingly in the creation of these rugs . These rugs are very famous in the Eastern world especially in the Central Asia , as people give these textiles in the dowry to their daughters , mostly mothers weaves them .

Moreover , Suzani rugs are of various types such as :

  • Bukhara Suzani
  • Lakai Suzani
  • Samarkand Suzani
  • Pskent Suzani and many others

Furthermore , Suzani is a word that has a Persian background . The word Suzan is actually needle and the work becomes Suzani which means needlework . Further , this shows the importance of these textiles .

Best Suzani kilim rugs

Grace of Suzani kilim rugs

These items hold all of their grace and beauty in the fact that Suzani kilims purely handwoven products . Further , sometimes the weavers of these textiles , weave various pieces and later on join them and attach them together by Needlework .

Moreover , people love these kilims , as these rugs are very charming . Further , these textiles are highly appealing to the senses especially to those who love traditional and cultural work . The unequal grace of Suzani kilim rugs , gave them a high rank in the market .

Best Suzani kilim rugs

Importance of Suzani kilims

Suzani kilim rugs produce by various countries and known as the pure and true tradition and culture of the region . Further , following are the producing and exporting countries of Suzani textiles :

  • Tajikistan
  • Uzbekistan
  • Kazakhstan
  • Iran
  • Azerbaijan

Moreover , these countries manufacture unique kind of Suzani kilims , as the culture vary from region to region . Further , Suzandozi (needlework) is highly popular in various regions of Iran . The weavers use :

  • Chain
  • Satin
  • Buttonhole stitches

Furthermore , sometimes all the stitches are used in one Suzani kilims , which  gets an exquisite and outstanding gaze .

Best Suzani kilim rugs




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Best Shirikipich kilim rugs sales

best Shirikipich kilim rugs sales . One of the very unique kind of kilim among all kinds of kilims , is Shirikipich kilims . These textiles are very traditional and holds an admirable unbeatable look . Shirikipich kilim rugs are mostly manufactured and exported by Sirjan and Kerman , Iran .

Additionally , Kilims are the type of rugs that are without piles . These rugs are normally distinguished than other rugs because of the way of weaving . Further , kilims are progressing at commercial level .

Elegance of best Shirikipich kilim rugs

Rugs like Shirikipich kilims , are very prominent textiles among all other textiles . Further , these rugs are normally linked to the tribal life . The nomadic antique life style id clearly visible in these rugs . Moreover , Shirikipich kilim rugs like all other kilims , hold all the elegant beauty of themselves in the particular designs and patterns .

Furthermore , kilims such as Shirikipich ones , are full of the comeliness of Sirjan city . The people of Sirjan are very traditional . Further , majority of them are weavers . We have seen the various kind of handmade Sirjan textiles , that have taken place in domestic as well as international markets .

Importance of Kilim rugs

Rugs are of diverse types , which are usually present in various materials . Moreover , Kilims are one of the well made rugs . These rugs are of great importance in the world . If we look around us , kilim rugs have taken a very noticeable place in today’s market .

Additionally , people mostly attract by the traditional attractive look of kilim rugs . Many people , all across the globe love to frame their houses with antique look combines with contemporary standards . Further , manufacturers are producing rugs especially kilims on the latest standards and demands of antique unique items lovers .

Furthermore , we have see that the old antique pieces of Kilim rugs including Shirikipich rugs , are highly and greatly present in museums worldwide such as :

  • Mevlana Museum
  • Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum
  • Carpet Museum of Iran
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Saint Louis Art Museum and many others

Moreover , these museums have played a vital role in the propagation of Eastern tradition and culture in the world especially by the masterpieces of rugs and carpets .

best Shirikipich kilim rugs

Details about Shirikipich kilim rugs

Rugs like Shirikipich kilims are the unique weaving of Kerman , Iran . Further , there is no specific time of the beginning of Kilim rugs but Yes ! people used these special hand weavings , in old days and in their daily life. Further , These kilims are in between rugs and carpets because they carry some parts of weaving technique of rugs and some of carpets .

best Shirikipich kilim rugs





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Antique handmade Mazandaran kilim rugs suppliers

Antique handmade Mazandaran kilim rug suppliers . Kilim is a very diverse kind of rugs . One of the famous type of kilims is Mazandaran kilim rugs . These rugs belong to Mazandaran province of Iran , located near Caspian sea . The kilims of this region are very traditional .

Furthermore , undoubtedly , Kilim rugs have made their way in the textiles markets , all over the globe . These rugs have made enormous progress in the trade of Iran . Further , as we know , carpets and rugs export is Iran’s largest and highest non-oil export .

Details about antique handmade Mazandaran kilim rugs

Rugs are generally known as the symbolization of tradition and culture . Moreover rugs are of various types , some are as following :

  • Woollen rugs
  • Cotton rugs
  • Jute rugs
  • Pile rugs
  • Geometric Heriz rugs
  • Bokhara rugs and many others

Further , These rugs are mostly belong to their own region or country , they carry traditional and tribal nomadic life importance in them .

Additionally , Iran , itself , manufactures , various kinds of rugs and carpets . Therefore , it well known because of the highest producer and exporter of rugs and carpets in the world . Further , one of such rugs is Mazandaran kilim rugs .

Furthermore , these rugs are normally manufactured on the basis of tribal nomadic life style of Mazandaran people . The actual rugs are handmade . Nevertheless , we see that these days , rugs and carpets are highly produced industrially .

Antique handmade Mazandaran kilim rug

Prominence of Kilim rugs

The unique kind of flat weaves are regarded as Kilim rugs . These rugs normally refer as Historical Heritage , in the world . Further , we see greatly that many museums all across the world , hold old antique pieces of these rugs .

Additionally , Kilims are present in diverse :

  • Shapes
  • Colors
  • Designs
  • Patterns
  • Motifs

Furthermore , kilims of Iran , hold designs and pattern of the area they are manufactured . Following are some common designs and motifs :

  • Herati
  • Shah Abbasi
  • Eye motif
  • Star motif
  • Life
  • Gol Henna and many others

Moreover , this shows the reason of prominent noticeable and admirable importance of these textiles in the world . Further , The professionally skilled weavers , put their artistic skills as well as intellectual skills plus fantasy , in the creation of Kilim rugs including Mazandaran Kilims .

Antique handmade Mazandaran kilim rug

Grace of Mazandaran kilim rugs

Kilims like Mazandaran rugs , are very beautiful rugs . Further , these textiles are very graceful because of the fine production and professional skills . Moreover , the unique traditional tribal designs are enclosed in various colors , show the extraordinary beauty of these rugs . Further , nobody can deny the unbeatable beauty of these textiles .

Antique handmade Mazandaran kilim rug





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Antique best Lori kilim rugs productions

Antique best Lori kilim rugs productions . Lori kilim rugs are a unique kind of rugs , known greatly in the world because of their unique designs . These rugs are among the tribal rugs . Lori kilims are produced by Lurs , group of people living mainly in Western and South-western  , Iran .

Furthermore , Lori kilim rugs are famous as a kind of kilims . However , these rugs were not very popular like other kilims . Commonly kilims made by Qashqai people , Isfahan , Baktiyar and other regions , were replaced the place of Lori kilim .

Importance of antique best Lori kilim rugs

Kilims like Lori rugs are very attention seeking . Further , we normally when talk about Lori kilims , consider Qashqai kilims , Isfahan kilims , Baktiyar kilims , one of them . The production of Lori rugs , is very unique because of it being under the kilims .

Moreover , the wool use Lori kilim rugs production , is of superior quality , which shows the importance of these rugs in the market . Further , these rugs are very durable and outstanding . The trait of durability is very much visible in them .

Lori 3

Details about Lori kilim rugs

Lori kilim rugs are very traditional textiles . It would not be wrong , if we call them as the representative of Persian tradition and culture in the world . Moreover , the wool that use in the manufacture of these rugs , helps in the dyeing process a lot .  The wool absorbs color very easily and greatly .

Additionally , Among all the kilims , the Lori rug’s color palette feature rich and vibrant shades , boldly speaks the traditional and nomadic life style of weavers or the region they are produced . Further , the motifs and patterns that are created on these rugs are mostly very immense in beauty and intense in traditional values .

Furthermore , weavers of Lori kilim rugs mainly practice to create traditional designs over other exclusivity . The tradition of Persian life and historical Iranian people very well expressed in these rugs . The common motifs use in Lori rugs are :

  • Eye
  • Flowing water
  • Life
  • Trees
  • Birds
  • Flowers
  • Wolf’s face and many others

Moreover , the weavers use these motifs to introduce and explain their own tribal symbol and norms .

Lori 4

Elegance of Lori kilims

Textiles like Lori kilims are a great example of Handmade rugs . Further , these rugs are superbly elegant and graceful . We can easily see the traces of tribal nomadic lives in these textiles , which confines under the influence of colors and unique antique designs .

Furthermore , Lori kilim rugs , express the noticeable wildlife and floral patterns in a very elegant way.

Best handmade Persian Qashqai kilim rugs


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Best handmade Persian Qashqai kilim rugs exports

Best handmade Persian Qashqai kilim rugs exports . One of the well made and prominent kind of kilim is Qashqai kilim rugs . These rugs are the professionalism of Qashqai people , live in various regions of Iran . These rugs carry cultural signs of various countries as Qashqai is a group of people .

Furthermore , Qashqai is a group consists of a traditional people of various countries out of which Turkic people are the most . Some other people clans such as :

  • Lurs
  • Kurds
  • Arabs

Moreover , these people together put various unique tribal and traditional ides in the creation of rugs . Qashqai rugs are referred as a Historical Heritage .

Significance of best handmade Persian Qashqai kilim rugs

All types of kilims are of great importance but when it comes to Persian Qashqai kilim rugs , this fact becomes extraordinary . Further , the group of Qashqai people really have owned their entitled and deserved place in world trade and market .

Moreover , people look for such unique and antique kilims . Other than these kilims , Qashqai people make several noticeable and admirable products . Mostly , all the textiles these people make are handmade and handwoven .

Further , if we talk about the geographical location of Qashqai people , where they manufacture Qashqai kilims are as following :

  • Fars
  • Khuzestan
  • Kohgiluyeh
  • Boyer Ahmad
  • Bushehr
  • Isfahan
  • Shiraz and many other regions of Iran .

Additionally , Iran is a very traditional and full of cultural norms plus practices . Therefore , we see Iran’s textiles especially rugs ad carpets in an unbeatable and immense progress day by day , worldwide .

Best handmade Persian Qashqai kilim rugs

Grace of Qashqai kilims

Kilims like Qashqai rugs are of unmatchable importance and position . Further , we have seen , that among all the Persian rugs and carpets Qashqai kilims hold outstanding place . These rugs mostly refer to Shiraz because it has believed that this region was the first ever domestic marketplace for Qashqai kilim rugs .

Additionally , The grace of these rugs is hidden in the wool used in the creation of these rugs . The wool is of relatively very high quality . Further , this wool if rare quality . Mostly sheep and goats of mountainous areas have been used in Qashqai kilims weaving .

Best handmade Persian Qashqai kilim rugs

Details about Persian Qashqai kilim rugs

The Qashqai tribal alliance contains diverse various tribes , mostly five major tribes . Further , all of these tribes manufacture unique and special traditional tribal nomadic items . Following are the tribes :

  • Amale
  • Dere Shorlu
  • Kashkollu
  • Shishbeyli
  • Eymur

Moreover , these tribes live in different regions of Iran like Eymur tribe lives in Fars . These tribes produce other Qashqai textiles as well like saddle bags .

Best handmade Persian Qashqai kilim rugs