Contemporary patchwork Kilim rugs exports

Contemporary patchwork Kilim rugs

The contemporary patchwork Kilim rugs is back in force because of its characteristic design and colorful pattern. It is indeed composed of several sections of carpet having the same print. But having different shades and colors. They are sewn together and the result is very elegant.

This unique carpet brings a joyful touch to your home and can be placed anywhere. In the entrance, in the bedrooms, the living room or the hallway. If you want to personalize your office, then it is also the ideal carpet to liven up your room. The patchwork rug can be transformed into a vintage carpet according to your interior decoration. It adapts to many situations.

Contemporary patchwork Kilim rugs

Persian Contemporary patchwork Kilim rugs, in a few words …

With their neat patterns, their sometimes colorful colors, sometimes more earthy, the Persian rugs are quite particular. Yet, they delight more and more people. This hand-knotted carpet has many advantages, the first of which is aesthetic. These patterns are of rare elegance. They marry beautifully in the authentic and wooded interiors where they bring a touch of originality while blending a minimum with the furniture. In contemporary interiors, the Persian rug can quickly become the structuring element of the room, especially if this piece – precisely – is in a sleek style. This patterned rug can therefore fit much more easily than you think. Especially that there are multiple shapes, colors and sizes. A real good plan to bring a touch of originality in your interior.

Contemporary patchwork Kilim rugs

The Persian carpet … Multiple variants!

The persian contemporary patchwork Kilim rugs can take many forms. If the burgundy tone prevails, there are models of predominantly blue carpets, sometimes even in shades of gray. You will have no trouble finding a model suitable for your home. Above all, do not be afraid of the “loaded” style, that’s what makes the charm of this wool carpet, the patterns give a touch of elegance and the look is immediately attracted by this beautiful carpet. This is undeniable: this living room rug will quickly become the structuring element of the room. Fortunately, several sizes are available, to adapt to any type of interior.

Contemporary patchwork Kilim rugs

Our Patchwork kilim rugs style

Our Patchwork Kilim style is most special, but it is also of those decorating styles that can completely enhance your interior and offer it an incredible cachet. Most of the time, people opt for simplicity, for fear of dealing with particular patterns or textures that may not be appropriate with their interior, with the general decoration of their bedroom, their living room or their home other pieces again.

Whether purely decorative or rather functional, modern carpets are no less important pieces of choice. Laying rugs on a tile, for example, reduces the cold appearance of a room and reduces its uniqueness. Choosing a light colored carpet enlarges a room. You will be able to find a whole selection of contemporary carpets according to the rooms in which you wish to arrange them and according to the general aspect which you wish to give to your lodging. The density of the carpet is a guarantee of its quality and comfort. If you want to use your carpet as a reading space, for example, invest in a modern carpet dense and fluffy. This type of designer rug will bring a real character to your room.


Best quality kilim patchwork rugs export online

Best quality kilim patchwork rugs export online . Kilims have diverse beautiful types and Patchwork kilim rugs , is one of them . Various types of kilims are produced by Iran , Azerbaijan , Turkey formerly . However , these days kilims manufacture by many other countries on a very high scale .

Best quality kilim patchwork rugs , have no specific origin . These rugs are the latest kind of kilims . Furthermore , Patchwork kilim rugs are a way of re-using old rugs and carpets . Kilims like Patchwork are immensely famous because of their exquisite look .

Importance of Patchwork rugs

These rugs carry traditional designs fuse with the modern designs . This gives a unique elegant feature to these rugs. Patchwork rugs are the most famous and highly in use , all over the world . People especially in the Western world , are always willing to buy these rugs , at any cost .

Moreover , we see that in the Western households , these rugs use in the interior decors . The all beauty and importance of Patchwork rugs plus all other kinds of rugs , is in control of weavers . Further , the more a weaver has professional skills , the more quality Patchwork kilim rugs are present in the market .

Briefing about best quality kilim patchwork rugs

Kilim rugs like Patchwork ones are exquisite kind of rugs , famous worldwide . The production of such rugs are not difficult like other kilims . The very important step in creating these kilims is to join distinguish rugs and carpets by their sizes , colors , designs . Patches of various rugs are taken to create Patchwork kilim rugs .

Moreover , Patchwork kilims become unique and antique due to the antique pieces of rugs and carpets . To create a design , weaver has to select pieces very carefully . By putting different pieces of rugs and carpets together in a specific sequence and order , a new unique design is created .

Additionally , these rugs interpret the nature including thoughts and feelings of weavers .

Best quality kilim patchwork rugs

Grace of kilim patchwork rugs

These traditional kilims are very colorful as compare to other kilims . Contrast pieces are uses for example dark and bright colors with dim and light colors . The gives an explicit view to such rugs . Furthermore , patchwork designs consist of different geometric shapes stitched together to form a large random or composed designs . Diversity in size shows , diversity in rugs .

Moreover , kilims like Patchwork are worldwide demand . These days mostly the export of kilims occur online , the intercontinental trade needs online marketing . This has increased importance of kilims .

Best quality kilim patchwork rugs