Quality kilim handwoven area rugs exporters

Quality kilim handwoven area rugs exporters . Original kilims are “Handwoven or Handmade” .  This means the kilims that are known as historical heritage are the handwoven ones . Exporters and manufacturers of kilim are mainly Iran , Azerbaijan , Turkey and some other countries of Central Asia.

Handwoven kilim area rugs are culturally and traditionally very important . Therefore this is the reason why people across the world know kilims . The people are ways willing to buy quality kilim handwoven area rugs . These rugs grant an exquisite historical look .

Significance of handwoven area rugs

Moreover , kilim are rugs that are the product of tribal lives of the above mentioned countries . These rugs have played a very great role in spreading the Eastern culture worldwide. Furthermore , without any doubt , the weavers of these rugs put their whole effort in producing handwoven area rugs .

Additionally , The weavers should be very skillful . The whole production and quality of these rugs , depend on this fact .

Features of quality kilim handwoven area rugs

Handwoven kilims these days are rare in the market . The reason is that , majority of kilims produce in factories through machines . If we talk about purely handwoven kilim rugs manufacture by villagers and tribal people we would see the following features in such kilims :

  • Handwoven kilims are the kilims produced “hand-operated looms” . Loom is a machine of wood , in which a weaver forms cloth (in this case kilim rugs) out of thread by interweaving yarn or threads into fabric .
  • Kilim rugs produce in villages are a symbol of their customs and traditions .
  • Area rugs handwoven area rugs are a kind of textiles , made up of wool , as wool is present in a great amount in their fabrication .
  • Handwoven kilim area rugs constitute of wefts and warps strands . The interweaving of these strands create a kilim rugs! Weft strands re mostly of wool while warp strands can be of wool or cotton .
  • If warps and weft strands are knotted densely , the quality of kilim rugs is assured .

quality kilim handwoven area rugs

Handwoven kilims as inspiration

It is enough to mention here that the kilim rugs are a manifestation of history . Kilims carry diversity therefore the export and import of kilim rugs is immense .

Diversity of Handwoven kilim rugs can be in :

  • Designs
  • Motifs
  • Sizes
  • Shapes
  • Way of manufacture

Furthermore , the weavers are the main inspiration , when we talk about these rugs . No doubt without , the professionally skilled weavers especially of tribal areas , these kilims would not have attain a good place in today’s market .

quality kilim handwoven area rugs




Iranian antique kilim handwoven rugs manufacturers

Iranian antique kilim handwoven rugs manufacturers . Kilim rugs are traditionally handwoven rugs that are formerly and presently immensely produced by Iran , Turkey and Azerbaijan . These countries are in progress with the trade of Iranian antique kilim handwoven rugs .

Handwoven kilim rugs have a great demand in today’s market . Purely handmade products always attract people . We can see that Iranian antique kilim handwoven rugs are greatly imported across the world ! Moreover , Kilim rugs are present in the Western households .

Prominence of Iranian kilims

The exquisite supreme look of Iranian antique kilim handwoven rugs , influence trade a lot ! Nobody can deny kilim rugs importance these days . Moreover , the importance of kilims depend on the weavers . The weavers should be professionally skilled in order to grant these rugs a value , worldwide .

Furthermore , Iranian kilims are unbeatable . The kilims that are produced in the tribal areas are unique because of the professional skills that the weavers have . The weavers show their thoughts and feelings and designs confined in the beautiful blast of color .

Iranian antique kilim handwoven rugs description

Woven rugs include both flat rugs such as kilims and pile rugs . The most important fact about kilim rugs is that the more tightly the knots are , the more design would be expressive . It is generally in believe  that the density of knots , the age , the materials , and the rarity of the design determine the value of rugs .

Kilim rugs are flat-tapestry rugs woven by hand on a loom . Kilims constitute of warps and wefts strands . Weft strands are mostly discontinuous . The artisan interlaces each colored weft back and forth in its own small pattern area . Wefts can be of wool or cotton but warps should be of wool in kilim rugs production .

Furthermore , the production of kilims require skilled weavers . Only the professional weavers can create and produce a traditional rug that can take a good marketplace .

Iranian antique kilim handwoven rugs

Importance of Iranian kilim rugs

Such rugs are a heavy textile  . These rugs manufacture a wide variety of utilitarian and symbolic purposes  , produce in Iran , for local sale , home use, export . Weaving in Iran is a very essential part of Persian art and goes back to the history of Iran .

The towns and regional centres in Iran includes :

  • Isfahan
  • Kerman
  • Nain
  • Mashhad
  • Kashan
  • Tabriz
  • Qom

These areas are famous and in distinction due to their specific weaving techniques . Moreover , the use of high-quality materials , colors , patterns and designs explains the worth of kilims .

Iranian antique kilim handwoven rugs




Finest handwoven beautiful kilim rugs exports

Finest handwoven beautiful kilim rugs exports . Formally kilims are handwoven and handmade . Kilims are a tribal life product , having origin in Iran , Azerbaijan , Turkey . These rugs are supreme kind of textiles that are known as a historical heritage .

Additionally , rugs like kilims are a manifestation of traditional Eastern life especially of tribal areas , for the Westerners . These textiles have created a strong intercontinental trade . We greatly see , these rugs in the Western households and other places . Moreover , commonly handwoven kilims are use in interior decors .

Kilims worldwide

Furthermore , If we talk about the most famous exporter and manufacturer of handwoven kilims , Iran comes on top of the list . Iran’s capital Tehran , does world’s highest production an export of rugs and carpets including kilims. The regions of Iran that export and manufacture these rugs domestically as well as internationally are :

  • Isfahan
  • Kerman
  • Mashhad
  • Qom
  • Shiraz and many others .


All of the above regions of Iran produce specific type of rugs and carpets including kilims . Therefore, we see diversity in these textiles .

Furthermore , these specific kilims , that belong to specific region , play a very important role in the spreading of the Eastern culture worldwide . If this diversity would not have been there in these rugs , then the customers would have been less too but we see opposite of it .

Finest handwoven beautiful kilim rugs

Production of finest handwoven beautiful kilim rugs

Rugs like kilim rugs are antique and traditional that are still present with their outstanding value . These rugs are greatly manufacture in tribal areas . The production of these rugs is manual . Men mostly do the primary work such as choosing good breed sheep and shearing of wool . Moreover , men change the wool into yarn and threads by spinning wheel . Mostly women also responsible of designs and weavings .

Furthermore , the warp and weft strands are formed on Loom ,  hand-operated device which is wooden as well . The knots of these strands grants the quality of kilims .

Finest handwoven beautiful kilim rugs

Elegance of Handwoven kilims

The kilims are widely used textiles in the world . These rugs carry an extraordinary elaborate traditional look which just grasp attention of customers at once . The elegance of kilims is in designs, patterns ,motifs and sizes .

Moreover , the designs are the core of high rate of import by different countries which forces to increase the rat of export on the other end . Generally , the elegance of kilims is in the control of weavers . As long as a weaver is professional , the rugs and carpets including kilims are great in quality and unbeatable in elegance .

Finest handwoven beautiful kilim rugs





 Best handmade Persian rugs trade

Best handmade Persian rugs trade . Formerly textiles are handmade or handwoven including rugs and carpets . Among all kind of rugs , Persian rugs are the leading ones . These rugs are manufactured by Iran as well as Iran is also the highest exporter of Persian rugs .

Persian rugs are a historical heritage , as Iran is a country with a very strong traditional background . Moreover , these rugs carry an exquisite view of tribal nomadic life . The manifestations of tribes and their practices , are clearly visible in these rugs .

Details about Persian rugs

Furthermore , Persian rugs hold so much diversity . Following are the well-known kind of these rugs :

  • Shirikipich
  • Shahsavan
  • Qashqai
  • Patchwork
  • Soumak

All the above Persian rugs carry specific importance because of their unique antique designs and way of production . It has seen that these two factors depend on the weavers professional skills . The more a weaver if professional , the more a rug or carpet is good in quality .

Traits of best handmade Persian rugs

Handmade textiles like Persian rugs are overwhelmed with the beauty of tribal areas and nomadic life . These rugs are mostly manufactured with wool but cotton and silk are also used . Moreover , these rugs carry various designs such as :

  • Herati
  • Shah Abbasi
  • Gol Henna
  • Bid Majnun
  • Other floral patterns

All of these designs belong to specific region with so much importance . Mostly Persian rugs carry various motifs . All the motifs have come from tribal areas with a unique meaning hidden in them . These motifs are formed on the usage of the specific symbols in tribes .

Furthermore , These days Persian rugs are present in various colors such as red , blue , green , yellow, white . The colors are used in different color combinations .

Best handmade Persian rugs

Elegance of handmade rugs

The creation of these rugs is so unique , that gives an elegant view to these rugs . Best handmade Persian rugs are mostly manufacture on the skills of weaver . It is believed that the thoughts , feelings , life , surrounding , of weaver is explained in the rugs . Some motifs are the evidence on this fact such as :

  • Eye
  • Wolf’s face
  • Star
  • Women
  • Flowing water and many others . Undoubtedly these facts grants the high rate of trade of these rugs worldwide.

Moreover , the elegance of every rug is in the designs . Every region produce it’s own kind of kilim , that has it’s specific importance and value . It would not be useless to say here that , these rugs are the main element of every region’s importance in the market .

Best handmade Persian rugs





Quality leading handwoven rugs exports Persia

Quality leading handwoven rugs exports Persia . Rugs are of great importance across the world . Textiles like rugs have various types including kilims . Handwoven rugs are the original and former kinds of rugs , which mostly manufacture and export by Iran , Turkey and Azerbaijan .

Additionally , handwoven rugs production and creation goes back to the Middle Ages . People mostly used to produce these rugs for their daily life . Moreover the handwoven rugs very mostly used as floor-coverings and for other tribal purposes .

Elegance of quality leading handwoven rugs

Rugs like the ones produce in the tribal areas , are mainly referred as handwoven rugs . Textiles like these rugs are full of the blast of the traces of the life of nomadic people . Moreover , these rugs are extremely overwhelmed with the noticeable designs .

Furthermore , the designs and patterns use by the weavers of these handwoven rugs , interpret their tribal norms , practices and symbols . Moreover , this needs a very high professionalism . We see that handwoven rugs have taken place in the world . This is due to the tiring efforts of the weavers .

The elegance of these rugs lies in the fact that the weavers portray their thoughts , feeling including happiness and sadness in the handwoven rugs .

Quality leading handwoven rugs

Attributes of Handwoven rugs

Textiles like handwoven ones are very prominent in the world . Moreover , these handwoven rugs have taken the very noticeable and outstanding place the market and the international trade . Furthermore , the excellent progress of these rugs lies in :

  • The way of production
  • Materials that are used in the production
  • The fact of professional weavers
  • Uniqueness of the designs and patterns
  • The traces of the Eastern culture in handwoven rugs
  • Diversity present in these textiles
  • Distinguishing look mostly nomadic traditional life

Additionally , the handwoven rugs carry remarkable traits in the form of designs , patterns , motifs and the way of production . Moreover , indirectly these all characteristics goes to the skills of the weavers .

Furthermore , the weavers of tribal areas are mostly learn the skills of weaving from the ancestors and later on pass them on to their children . The weavers mostly are women , they change the wool while men do the primary stuff like shearing of wool and other stuff .

Quality leading handwoven rugs

Significance of handwoven rugs

The rugs like handwoven ones , commonly produce by the women . The weavers women , change wool into yarn and threads by spinning wheel . After this they use the obtained material in the manufacture of rugs .

Moreover , the importance of these rugs lies in the fact that , they are  historical heritage and explains the Eastern culture very well .

Quality leading handwoven rugs