100% hand knotted traditional kilim rugs exports

100% hand knotted traditional kilim rugs exports . One of the historical heritage and extraordinary famous is hand knotted traditional kilim rugs”  . These days many counties import kilim rugs such as India , China, Canada , Dubai , Sharjah , UK  and many others and the top exporters include Iran , Azerbaijan , Turkey.

Hand knotted kilims are immensely famous across the globe . Moreover , the antique unique designs give reason to buy them immediately . Moreover such kilims are traditionally very important , as they are produced in villages and tribal areas .

Importance of 100% hand knotted traditional kilim rugs

Kilims are purely a product of tribal nomadic life . As we see in old days that during cold weather the nomads needed something to protect themselves , something lighter than the sheep or goat skin . Therefore they invented something like kilim rugs . The meaning of kilim is “Something roughly unfolded” which is pretty much close to the creation of kilim rugs . Kilim rugs are famous due to their traditional exquisite look that just attracts people instantly .

The reason of calling kilim rugs , traditional rugs is the above mentioned fact too . Furthermore , the traditional and cultural manifold designs such as

  • Herati
  • Shah Abbasi
  • Gol Henna and many others , hold the importance of kilims .

100% hand knotted traditional kilim rugs

Today’s production of kilim rugs

In the recent years , production of rugs and carpets has greatly increased . As the demand of rugs especially kilims has increased , many other countries apart from the former producing countries of kilim rugs has joined the race s well .

The important fact is that the quality of industrially produced  kilims is not compared to handmade , hand woven and hand knotted carpets and rugs .These kilims are unique and antique from many aspect . People always look for original hand knotted kilims and unfortunately such kilims are very rare to find these days .

Beauty of kilim rugs

Some important elements of kilim’s production :

  • Wool
  • Designs
  • Way of manufacture
  • Breed of sheep
  • Motifs

These elements are the main part of kilims . Moreover , behind all these elements , weaving skills are very necessary. This shows that weavers are very important in the production kilims . Furthermore , the beauty of kilim rugs is in the control of weavers . The professional skills of weavers matter a lot . Mostly the weavers of tribal areas and villages are already skillful . These people learn the techniques from their ancestors . Moreover , if these weavers do not pay attention towards these textiles , no region would gain importance in the market as well .

100% hand knotted traditional kilim rugs




Best hand knotted kilim rugs transports

Best hand knotted kilim rugs transports . Kilims are traditionally hand knotted rugs . These rugs are a product of tribal areas and villages , as most of the weavers belong to these areas . These days kilims are produced by so many countries but the former are Turkey , Iran and Azerbaijan .

Furthermore , textiles like hand knotted kilim rugs are greatly influenced by nomadic life . The reason why these rugs are referred as a historical heritage , is that , kilims carry manifestations such as designs , motifs , patterns , of tribal people .

Importance of kilim rugs

Additionally , Iran produces world’s supreme kind of kilims . Tehran , Iran’s capital , is the highest exporter and manufacturer of best hand knotted kilim rugs . Moreover , transport of these rugs to different countries , worldwide , is so immense .

Furthermore , the importance of these rugs lies in the fact that old pieces of these textiles are present in the different museums of the world . Without any doubt designs and the way of production , grant the quality of kilims like other rugs and carpets . Moreover , this lead to the skills of wavers .

Best hand knotted kilim rugs

Characteristics of best hand knotted kilim rugs

The hand knotted kilims hold an exquisite supreme antique traditional look . These rugs are the most famous kind of rugs . Moreover , hand knotted production of kilims needs a hand-operated device known as Loom . The whole process of kilim’s fabrication takes place on Loom .

Furthermore , mainly wool is the component used in these rugs . However ,kilims are present in :

  • Silk
  • Cotton
  • Nylon

The question that rises here is that why wool is the most common component ? To elaborate this following are some characteristics of wool :

  • Durable
  • Responsive to dyeing process
  • Easy to use
  • Traditional component

Nevertheless , producers these days manufacture kilims industrially with various materials , that is the rugs and carpets are not purely of wool . Moreover , kilims carry a great diversity . These rugs are present in various :

  • Designs
  • Sizes
  • Shapes
  • Motifs

The element of attraction in these rugs is designs . Designs of kilims represent weaver’s thoughts , feelings , surrounding . The happiness and sadness of weaver comes out in various color combinations confined in traditional designs .

Moreover , weavers professional skills matter immensely especially in creating  traditional unique kilims .

Best hand knotted kilim rugs

Elegance of kilims

Rugs like kilims are progressing greatly in today’s market . These rugs mostly produce on the new and latest standards of market . Moreover , people are always ready to buy such textiles because of their unique traditional look as well as the authenticity .

Best hand knotted kilim rugs