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Cheap best quality Suzani kilim rugs exports

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Cheap best quality Suzani kilim rugs exports . A very unique kilim , named as Suzani rugs . These kinds of kilims are mostly used for interior decors . These rugs very decorative  by the tribal designs . Countries  like Tajikistan Uzbekistan , Kazakhstan and Central Asia .

Furthermore , Kilims are a very significant textiles , formerly and presently are handwoven . These rugs have no doubt , achieved their deserved position in market . Kilims are famous because of the weaving technique .

Details about cheap best quality Suzani kilim rugs

Kilims like the Suzani ones of great traditional importance . Further , Suzani rugs are mostly made up of cotton and sometimes silk . The embroidery on these kilims is mainly of silk or cotton threads . Moreover , Suzani kilim rugs are sometimes constitute of two or three pieces that are laterly attached together .

Additionally , Rugs like Suzani kilims have outstanding beauty because of the :

  • Designs
  • Stitches
  • Materials

Further , the designs are of various types which hold the everlasting beauty of these rugs . People mainly attracted by the embroidered designs . Moreover , the popular designs and motifs are as following :

  • Sun
  • Moon
  • Disks
  • Flowers
  • Leaves
  • Vines
  • Fruits
  • Fish
  • Birds

Furthermore , various kinds of flowers are used in these rugs . It has believed that the manufacturers  skills are very important in these kilims . Moreover , Suzani kilims are present in markets at different prices some are cheap while others are expensive . People mostly look for something cheap but of high quality and for sure , they can find Suzani rugs at discounted rates .

Cheap best quality Suzani kilim rugs

Beauty of Suzani kilim rugs

Further , the traces of Tribal life as well as the nature around a weaver is immensely seen and visible in Suzani kilim rugs . The weavers mostly enclose the tribal symbols and their life style and unique items in the rugs .

Moreover , the beauty of Suzani kilim rugs , is in the fact of it’s unique creation . Weavers use various stitches in the production Suzani kilim rugs , such as :

  • Chain
  • Satin
  • Buttonhole

Further , all these stitches carry , diverse beauty which comes out in unique designs and patterns . Weavers unquestionably spend days and nights , in the production of such textiles .

Cheap best quality Suzani kilim rugs

Importance of Suzani kilims

The word “Suzani” has derived from Persian language which means Needle (Suzan) .The art of making these kinds of rugs in Iran normally known as “Suzandozi” which is needlework . Moreover , from the name it is very clear that the handwork is very significant in their production .

Furthermore , Suzani kilim rugs have deep roots in history . The signs of these rugs can be seen in various tribes from centuries .

Cheap best quality Suzani kilim rugs


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Diverse handmade Bakhtiari kilim rugs suppliers

Diverse handmade Bakhtiari kilim rugs suppliers . One of very traditional kilims known as Bakhtiari kilim rugs . These textiles are very unique items manufacture by Bakhtiari tribes present in various regions of Iran . The very prominent look of Bakhtiari kilim rugs attracts so many customers , worldwide .

Additionally , Iran creates and exports diverse rugs and carpets , with a very diverse and invincible look . The Iranian textiles especially rugs and carpets are referred as the world’s highest textiles . Further , these textiles are of several types such as :

  • Shahsavan
  • Bidjar
  • Gabbeh
  • Kolai
  • Senneh
  • Bakhtiari and many others .

Moreover , it would not be exaggeration , if we say that every region of Iran , produce unique textiles , mostly rugs and carpets are famous .

Importance of diverse handmade Bakhtiari kilim rugs

All kinds of rugs manufacture in Iran , are of great importance and Bakhtiari are one of them . Further , these textiles are produced by the region of Chahar Mahaal and Bakhtiari, Iran . The famous Bakhtiari tribes living in these regions are weaving these items , since a very long time .

Nevertheless , many Bakhtiari communities are living in various area in Iran , which handmade the rugs , in a unique nomadic way , such as :

  • Isfahan
  • Khozestan
  • Lorestan
  • Shahr e Kurd

Further , these areas manufacture diverse handmade Bakhtiari kilim rugs , on a very high scale . The very exquisite look of these textiles which is mostly because of the designs and patterns , are copied by other counties as well .

Diverse handmade Bakhtiari kilim rugs

Profusion of details about Bakhtiari kilim rugs

Rugs like Bakhtiari kilims , are of unbeatable importance in domestic as well as international markets. Further , the lovers of these textiles are very greatly influenced by the traditional mostly the tribal nomadic look of Bakhtiari kilim rugs .

Moreover , diverse handmade Bakhtiari kilim rugs , are mainly based on cotton as well as wool . The warps of these rugs are of cotton while the wefts are of wool . Further , the finest look of Bakhtiari kilims like other textiles , is in the hands of weavers .

Furthermore , it has believed that if the knots density is high , the quality of textiles becomes outstanding . Mostly weavers focus on this fact , to create something admirable and great .

Diverse handmade Bakhtiari kilim rugs

Grace of handmade Bakhtiari kilim rugs

Kilims like Bakhtiari rugs , are of immense importance throughout the world . Further ,the very charming look of these textiles which is mostly based on the designs of the rugs , is unbeatable . Moreover , the designs are mostly floral and garden inspired . This uniqueness lead to an extravagant grace of Bakhtiari kilim rugs .

Diverse handmade Bakhtiari kilim rugs



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Quality handmade tribal kilim rugs sales Indonesia

Quality handmade tribal kilim rugs sales Indonesia . Textiles born in tribal areas of almost every country , describe the traditional and cultural value of the region . Among these items , Kilim rugs are of very immense and invincible state in worldwide trade and market including Indonesia .

Additionally , Rugs are very olds tribal and nomadic life product . These items were a very important of the daily life of nomads . Further , these people used to produce various textiles apart from the rugs , in order to earn their living . Some of the tribal textiles are as following :

  • Saddle bags
  • Blanks
  • Quilts
  • Rugs
  • Carpets

Moreover , these products found the very prominent and noticeable position , when people especially in the Western world found out the historical authenticity of these textiles .

Prominence of handmade kilims

The textiles like kilims are immensely famous , all around the world . Further , we can see the importance of rugs like kilims in the museums as well as the showrooms of textiles . The very antique and old pieces , of like thousands of years back , are preserved in various museums of the world .

Furthermore , handmade kilim rugs , are wholly traditional item .The elements like the following ones , show the tribal importance of these products , such as :

  • Designs
  • Patterns
  • Motifs
  • Way of weaving

Moreover , kilims are formerly a manual products , as the whole process of production takes place on Loom . Further , even this machine is handmade , comprising of small and large wood pieces , join together by ropes .

Quality handmade tribal kilim rugs

Beauty of quality handmade tribal kilim rugs

Rugs like the handmade tribal kilim rugs are very alluring , as the traits hold by these textiles are unique and unequal in many ways . Moreover , the beauty of tribal kilims is in the fact of being tribal and nomadic item .

Additionally , people always look for something ancient with modern and contemporary standards . In this regards , kilim rugs , are the best selection by the traditional textiles lovers . Further , regardless of any exaggeration , handmade kilims are a true manifestation of the Eastern world .

Quality handmade tribal kilim rugs

Tribal kilims and market

The rugs like quality handmade tribal kilim rugs , are greatly seen in markets today . Further , the demand of these textiles is increasing day by day , as the rate of the lovers of these rugs have enormously progressed .

Furthermore , these rugs have made their way in the markets of :

  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • China
  • Europe
  • Canada

Moreover , these countries are highly attracted by the overwhelming beauty of handmade tribal kilims . These textiles have earned their deserved position in today’s world , which is unsurpassable .

Quality handmade tribal kilim rugs

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Old Persian Senneh kilim rugs sales worldwide

Old Persian Senneh kilim rugs sales worldwide . Kilims are that kind of textiles , which are very widely formed by various countries of Asia . Among all the countries , Iran is the highest producer of Kilim rugs including Senneh kilim rugs .

Furthermore , various regions in Iran manufacture and export rugs and carpets of specific types . These textiles are world’s most prominent items , as people attract by these textiles at a very high rate . Further , the regions of Iran like

  • Mashhad
  • Tabriz
  • Shiraz
  • Sanandaj (Senneh)
  • Isfahan

Moreover , all diverse textiles regardless of rugs and carpets , the above regions plus many other areas , are well known across the globe because of the professional skills , they own .

Prominence of old Persian Senneh kilim rugs

If we talk about the most charming rugs , Kilims are very suitable for it . Further , these flat weaves are very appealing to senses , as the weaving of these rugs is unparalleled . Moreover , Persian kilims, hold a very great importance among all kinds of kilims .

Additionally , Persian kilim rugs have a very strong background . The designs and patterns use on these textiles , show the traditional and tribal background of Persian rugs and carpets . Further , Old Persian Senneh kilim rugs , which belong to Kurdish people , are very ancient textiles .

Furthermore , Persian Senneh kilim rugs , are very fine weavings of Kurdistan province , Iran . If we see the background of this region , the art of weaving of this area is very prominent . Further , Senneh kilims , are regarded as Iran’s best rugs in and out of Iran .

Old Persian Senneh kilim rugs

Details about Persian Senneh kilim rugs

The kilims , made by Kurdistan province , are mostly known as Senneh , as it is the old name of Kurdistan’s capital . Further , Senneh kilim rugs , have undoubtedly very noticeable place among the textiles of Iran . Moreover , these rugs are created on various patterns and designs out of which following are the most common ones :

  • RhombS
  • Mir-e-buteh
  • Herati

Additionally , Wool is the material , which mostly use by the weavers of Senneh kilims . Further , wool is very responsive to the natural dyes , as we see the great color effects present in these rugs .

Old Persian Senneh kilim rugs

Beauty of Senneh kilims

Kilims like Senneh rugs especially the ones made by Kurdish people of Iran , are highly admirable . Further , the beauty of these textiles is present in the weavings and professionalism show by the weavers . The weavers put their full interest in these textiles creation and grant a traditional plus nomadic life style look to them , so that they stay close with Old Persian or Iranian arts .

Old Persian Senneh kilim rugs



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Best hand-woven Fars kilim rugs imports Iran

Best hand-woven Fars kilim rugs imports Iran . A very antique and traditional textiles , mostly famous by the name of Kilim . These rugs are extraordinary unique and carry a great importance worldwide . Among all the producers Iran is the highest manufacturer as well as exporter including Fars province of Iran .

Furthermore , all the textiles are originally handmade or handwoven , as they are tribal nomadic life product . Textiles are mostly famous by the rugs and carpets . Further , Iran’s textiles mainly rugs and carpets are outstanding items . The regions of Iran that are mostly famous by their production of rugs and carpets are as follow :

  • Anbaran
  • Mazandaran
  • Fars
  • Bakhtiar
  • Isfahan
  • Lorestan
  • Kurdistan and many other ancient regions of Iran , that are mostly famous because of the traditional products they manufacture

Moreover , these textiles are the trademark of the areas and regions , they produce in . Further , these are the best way to know a country’s culture as well as historical background .

Elegance of best hand-woven Fars kilim rugs

Predominantly , rugs are highly valuable and useful products . These textiles have done their part in the world’s market , by gaining an unbeatable and the most admirable position . Moreover , rugs are comparatively small textiles especially as compare to carpets .

Additionally , best hand-woven Fars kilim rugs , are one of the very charismatic as well as the leading category of textiles . Further , the fact of elegance in Fars kilims especially in the hand-woven ones is , something out of the world , very beauteous .

Best hand-woven Fars kilim rugs

Details about Fars kilim rugs

Rugs especially the ones produce by Fars province , are highly graceful . Further , kilims themselves have a very unique way of weaving , which is tribal . The weaving is mostly something which shows the professionality present in the tribal nomadic life .

Furthermore , the nomads , learn professionalism in various weaving techniques by their forefathers which were successful skilled weavers . However , this fact is just visible in the tribal areas , as in the cities proper institute and schools are constructed to enhance the creativity of weaving in people and the lovers .

Best hand-woven Fars kilim rugs

Significance of hand-woven Fars kilims

Kilims manufacture in Fars , Iran , carry an immense importance in the trade as well as in and out of the country . Further , these textiles hold there whole importance in being Iranian rugs , as Iranian arts is very strong . The question that rises here is , why these textiles are important ?

Additionally , Iranian art , is very traditional and extravagantly full of cultural background of the country. Moreover , These textiles are the best choice anybody can make their households and other places .

Best hand-woven Fars kilim rugs




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Best quality Anbaran kilim rugs imports

Best quality Anbaran kilim rugs imports . Tapestries are a very unique textiles , the flat weaves , commonly known as Kilims . There are many producers and exporters Kilim rugs , among which Iran is the leading country . Many cities manufacture rugs and carpets in Iran and Anbaran is one of them.

Furthermore , Rugs and carpets are of great importance , throughout the world . These days many countries are producing these textiles , as this is the reason of great economical success today . Further , one of the type of rugs is famous as Kilims , hold invincible position in market .

Significance of rugs and carpets

All of the textiles present , are of unique importance but when we talk about rugs and carpets , these items constitute the majority part of the textiles world . Moreover , as the textiles come up , all we here is about rugs and carpets .

Additionally , these products , are of diverse types . We have seen in various museums of the world , the old and antique pieces of rugs and carpets , which shows that once people have discovered the truth about these textiles and give way to the museums . Further , This lead to the high increase of rugs and carpets in market , worldwide .

Best quality Anbaran kilim rugs

Details about best quality Anbaran kilim rugs

Iran a very high significant position in the world because of the rugs and carpets , it produces . Further , these rugs have various types and majority of the types of these textiles , is linked with various regions of Iran .

Additionally , Following are some famous cities and regions , which produce rugs and carpets :

  • Tabriz
  • Isfahan
  • Mashhad
  • Anbaran
  • Shiraz and many others

Furthermore , If we talk about Anbaran kilim rugs , these textiles holds a prominent noticeable place among the rugs manufacture by Iran . Further , these items are antique products , mostly manufacture in tribal nomadic areas . The weavers in Anbaran region , Iran , create Kilim rugs , with full interest and create them to be according to the standards of the world .

Best quality Anbaran kilim rugs

Beauty of Anbaran kilims

The flat weaves , named as Anbaran Kilim rugs , are an exquisite kind of rugs , manufacture by Iran . These rugs are without piles . Moreover , the unique diverse look of these textiles represents the culture of Anbaran city .

Additionally , the weavers mostly try to interpret , the surrounding around them , in a very great traditional and cultural look . Further , the professional skills of the weavers , put these textiles at the high level in the market as well as in trade . Moreover , Anbaran kilims are also known as Historical heritage of Iran .

Best quality Anbaran kilim rugs




Cheap best quality hand-woven kilim rugs exporter

Cheap best quality hand-woven kilim rugs exporter . One of the most traditional textiles , known as rugs . Rugs have several types and Kilims are named as one of them . Various countries in Asia produce these items especially the countries of Central Asia are very famous in their production .

Additionally , If we look in the history , rugs and carpets were greatly used in the daily life of nomads. These people used such textiles as :

  • Blanket
  • Floor-covering
  • For sleeping on
  • For the distraction of insects , as the natural dyes were present in the textiles .
  • Symbol of the tribe

Moreover , people used to practice weaving , as an occupation . Textiles like hand woven rugs including kilims , later on found their deserved place in the market and become worldwide famous .

Details about cheap best quality hand-woven kilim rugs

Kilims carry an unbeatable position among all the textiles . Further , these textiles , are known because of their importance as a Historical Heritage . This fact lead , hand-woven kilim rugs to made their way in the museums as well as in the markets .

Moreover , formerly , these items were only famous in the domestic markets , as people were attracted by their own unique culture , presented in the rugs . Further , as the time passed by , these products found their position in the international markets , at an enormous rate .

Additionally , hand-woven kilim rugs are in the domestic as well as international markets , at different rates . These textiles are cheap and expensive , on the basis of the quality . However , the good quality , original textiles are hard to find .

Cheap best quality hand-woven kilim rugs

Importance of hand-woven kilims

Rugs like hand-woven kilims are immensely historical item . The designs as well as weaving techniques , show the fact of these textiles as antique products . Designs , motifs , patterns are like :

  • Herati
  • Bid Majnun
  • Shah Abbasi
  • Eyes
  • Life
  • Floral pattern

Furthermore , Hand-woven kilim rugs are one of the highly used item in the households . People in the East as well as in the Western world , use these textiles as :

  • Floor-covering
  • Wall hanging
  • Interior decors

Moreover , it always recommended as the best choice for the households and other places .

Cheap best quality hand-woven kilim rugs

Beauty of kilims

These textiles are of great importance , as the exquisite look of hand-woven kilims affects strongly to the senses of the customers . Further , hand-woven kilim rugs beauty is in the fact that these textiles are hand knotted . The professionalism of tribal nomads makes these unique and diverse items , outstanding among all the products . Moreover , the beauty of these rugs , is the expression of Eastern culture .

Cheap best quality hand-woven kilim rugs


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Best Suzani kilim rugs import Iran

Best Suzani kilim rugs import Iran . Among all the kinds of rugs produce in Iran , Suzani kilim rugs are of great importance . These rugs are hand-made and purely a tribal product . Undoubtedly , Suzani kilim rugs , is the best choice people can make for interior decors .

Moreover , Kilim rugs are flat rugs from both sides unlike other rugs . These rugs highly admirable and carry a great unbeatable value in Iran’s market and trade . To mention here , these textiles are famous worldwide , in the market .

Details about best Suzani kilim rugs

Rugs like Suzani ones are mostly of cotton . Further , these items are famous because of the variety of stitches , weavers use in their production . Suzani rugs need very high professional skills of weaving , as the whole work is manual and delicate .

Additionally , Suzani kilim rugs , carries various :

  • Colors
  • Patterns
  • Designs
  • Motifs

Further , the above elements should be placed very interestingly in the creation of these rugs . These rugs are very famous in the Eastern world especially in the Central Asia , as people give these textiles in the dowry to their daughters , mostly mothers weaves them .

Moreover , Suzani rugs are of various types such as :

  • Bukhara Suzani
  • Lakai Suzani
  • Samarkand Suzani
  • Pskent Suzani and many others

Furthermore , Suzani is a word that has a Persian background . The word Suzan is actually needle and the work becomes Suzani which means needlework . Further , this shows the importance of these textiles .

Best Suzani kilim rugs

Grace of Suzani kilim rugs

These items hold all of their grace and beauty in the fact that Suzani kilims purely handwoven products . Further , sometimes the weavers of these textiles , weave various pieces and later on join them and attach them together by Needlework .

Moreover , people love these kilims , as these rugs are very charming . Further , these textiles are highly appealing to the senses especially to those who love traditional and cultural work . The unequal grace of Suzani kilim rugs , gave them a high rank in the market .

Best Suzani kilim rugs

Importance of Suzani kilims

Suzani kilim rugs produce by various countries and known as the pure and true tradition and culture of the region . Further , following are the producing and exporting countries of Suzani textiles :

  • Tajikistan
  • Uzbekistan
  • Kazakhstan
  • Iran
  • Azerbaijan

Moreover , these countries manufacture unique kind of Suzani kilims , as the culture vary from region to region . Further , Suzandozi (needlework) is highly popular in various regions of Iran . The weavers use :

  • Chain
  • Satin
  • Buttonhole stitches

Furthermore , sometimes all the stitches are used in one Suzani kilims , which  gets an exquisite and outstanding gaze .

Best Suzani kilim rugs




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Best Persian kilim striped rugs imports


Best Persian kilim striped rugs imports .The diversity present in Kilims , is very antique and traditional . Out of this diversity , Persian kilim striped rugs , carry a very prominent importance in the market . These textiles manufacture and export by Iran , anciently known as Persia .

Additionally , Iran is a supreme leading country in the export and production of rugs and carpets including Persian kilim striped rugs . These rugs are very famous within Iran as well as out of Iran .

Importance of best Persian kilim striped rugs

Kilims like Persian kilim striped rugs , are very traditional items . Further , these textiles mostly produce by tribal regions of Iran . However , now a days , majority of the production is industrialized. The fact behind this , is the high rate of demand which is why the producers , have to increase the rate of production as well .

Additionally , Persian kilim striped rugs , are no doubt , holds the deserved position in the market . These textiles are immensely in progress in trade of Iran , worldwide . Further , we have seen that best Persian kilim striped rugs , use in the households of Western world , as these items are the great source of Iranian art .



Grace of Persian kilim striped rugs

Rugs like Kilim rugs , are very appealing to senses . Moreover , the charm of these textiles is present in the unique designs and patterns . Kilim rugs have designs mostly based on nomadic life style . Further , this fact constitutes the attractive beauty which is overwhelmed by the unbeatable grace .

Additionally , Persian kilim striped rugs , have strips on them , which are sometimes of beautiful color combinations . The strips are of same colors as well . Weavers , use natural dyes in the production of these rugs .

Best Persian kilim striped rugs

Details about kilim rugs

The traditional flat weaves , commonly known as Kilim rugs are of great importance . The weavers in their production plays a vital role . Further , it would not be wrong , if we say that the whole essence and creativity of Kilim rugs and other textile , are in the hands of producers .

Additionally , Kilims are of various types like :

  • Suzani
  • Soumak
  • Shirikipich
  • Shahsavan
  • Kilim striped rugs
  • Mazandaran kilims and many others

Furthermore , these textiles are the world’s best items . Undoubtedly , these products have made a very well progress , which is comparatively drastic . Further , the weaving of these textiles is very unique . Kilim rugs are the manifestation of Eastern Culture . These products are the best way to know the Eastern world and skills present in it .




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Best hand knotted kilim rugs production Iran

Best hand knotted kilim rugs production Iran . Kilims are hand knotted rugs , a pure product of Tribal nomadic life . These textiles manufacture immensely by Iran , as Iran is known as the home of Kilim rugs . However other countries like Azerbaijan and Turkey produce and export these rugs as well .

Moreover , Kilim rugs are very impressive rugs . These items just take the whole attention of textiles lovers towards themselves . Further , without any doubt , Kilims are one of the best kind of rugs present in the market today .

Elegance of best hand knotted kilim rugs

All types of textiles have their own specific look but when we talk about rugs and carpets , the appearance becomes breath taking . Further , Kilim rugs greatly manufacture as well as trade all across the globe .

Additionally , rugs like kilims , are formerly and presently in tribal areas , hand knotted and hand woven . The natural and original plus traditional beauty of Kilims is only visible in the hand knotted ones . Moreover , these rugs are very elegant because of the unique weaving they own and of course the diversity in their designs .

Best hand knotted kilim rugs

Prominence of hand knotted kilims

Kilims  authorized nomadic product , as the creation of these textiles goes back to the history of tribal life of home producing countries . Further , we see that , people have become obsessed by the beauty of hand knotted kilim rugs.

Moreover , the weavers of these items are purely nomads . They don’t go to any institute of arts or any school to learn the weaving . In fact , the only source of the weaving of Kilims , are the teaching they get from their ancestors or forefathers . Further , the weavers pass on the techniques to their children and so on .

Nevertheless , today , these textiles are greatly produce in the cities as well , as proper institutes are open for the weaving learning techniques . Further , people love the art of weaving . It’s very unique and links with the true tradition of country .

Best hand knotted kilim rugs

Details about hand knotted kilim rugs

Textiles like hand knotted kilim rugs , are amazing and very attention seeking . Further , the unparalleled designs and patterns of best hand knotted kilim rugs , are invincible . People mostly attracted by the :

  • Elegance
  • Beauty
  • Uniqueness of designs , patterns and motifs
  • The manifestations of tradition and culture of the region
  • The materials use in the manufacture of these textiles , as wools are of various types too .

Furthermore , hand knotted kilims are immensely charming and full of antique traditions , as the designs are mostly on the tribal symbols and the norms of tribes .

Best hand knotted kilim rugs