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Kilim Rugs For Sale |Cheapest Prices in 2019

Kilim Rugs For SaleBefore we buy the carpetTo buy glam and other handkerchiefs, you need to have comprehensive information about them before buying them. If you have information on the variety of Iranian foliage, the type of yarn used, the use of craftsmanship, knitting art, and other underlying features before you buy information, you can buy more safely and buy a calimera a good memory. Have your mindFirst of all, you need to recognize a knit of other hand-made slabs.Known KilimNecklace is made up of lace-free pebbles that are made from wool and, in some cases, needles of creamy yarn. The main genus is goat or sheep wool. So then we saw the difference between carpet weaving. Rugs (or modern carpets) have a lace, while they do not have a pink flower. The word kilim is derived from the Turkish word kili (wool or hair). Of course, the name Jajim is also derived from the Armenian language and the word “gag” (meaning “sheep wool”). Comparable. In a certain culture, Glimm is defined as “a kind of carpet weaving” and also written in Hakhdha, “a famous cover made of goat’s hair and sheep’s sheep.”The price of the flowerThe price of a flower depends on several factors:Raw materialsMotifsType of tissueIf gelmi is made with Merino wool and natural bells and scones, it will usually be more expensive than all types of clay. Because all three factors are of good quality.What is carpet carpet?Sometimes weavers artists highlight some of the carpet motifs with the help of carpet weavers. These kinds of rugs are called carpets. This asymmetry, due to the fluffiness of the carpet and the unevenness of the cloth resulting from the work, gives a two-dimensional beauty to the floor.



Qashqai kilim with its natural colors is one of the most beautiful Persian Rugs. The weaving of these rugs links with the professional skills of weavers . The more a weaver has great skills , the more these rugs are famous . We, as kilim wholesale, are ready to supply them in various sizes and […]

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Cheap best quality Suzani kilim rugs exports

Cheap best quality Suzani kilim rugs exports . A very unique kilim , named as Suzani rugs . These kinds of kilims are mostly used for interior decors . These rugs very decorative  by the tribal designs . Countries  like Tajikistan , Uzbekistan , Kazakhstan and Central Asia . Furthermore , Kilims are a very significant textiles , formerly and presently […]