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Traditional rugs like kilims are an exquisite type rugs present worldwide. These rugs are mainly manufacture and export by Iran. However other countries of Central Asia also produce kilims greatly.However, in today’s market, it is very hard to find a traditional kilim with all the traditional manifestations. This is due to the industrial influence. But we make easy for you the trade of supreme best traditional kilim rugs…


Rugs like kilims are handwoven rugs taken birth in the tribal areas and villages. These rugs are well-known because of their antique beauty. They are mostly manufacture by the tribal people of Iran and some other countries of Central Asia. Additionally, these kilims hold the original smell and glance of tribal nomadic life. It has seen that these rugs have attracted so many people in the world, which leads to the high trade…


Day by day traditional rugs like kilims are progressing. We see advancement in designs, sizes, and shapes of these rugs. Modern kilims are produce on the latest standards, that suit to contemporary settings at home or in offices in today’s market.  It is believed that the quality of kilims depends on the density of knots. The more knots are dense, the more design will be expressive and elaborate. But this is also in the hands of professional weaver…


Patchwork kilim rugs are created from pieces of miscellaneous vintage kilim, gabbeh and jajim of different regions. They are elegantly crafted, regardless of their design and color, sewn together in order to create a very beautiful and artistic product that can be used in modern and traditional decor and give the home or office a very beautiful and attractive atmosphere.We supply, sale and export these beautiful artworks…

Why us?

Company Philosophy

The existence of at least one genuine and creative artwork such a kilim around us, contributes to live a more beautiful life in today’s world.

Certified Experience

Relying on the knowledge of our experts, we provide our customers with the best choice in the field of supply,sales and export of kilim.

Competitive Pricing

Providing the most suitable price for the requested qualities and comparing it with other competitors is the benefits of our company.

Product Customization

Lindbaf collaboration network makes it possible to customize products according to  customer desired size or colors using the latest methods.

Quality Assurance

We guarantee authenticity and quality of our works as we believe key element for satisfaction among customers is quality assurance.

Worldwide Customers

The wide business scope of Lindbaf products in kilim market have made this company to have customers from all over the world.

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